Python Learning Essentials: 10 wonderful Python libraries. I was stunned after reading them


10 wonderful Python libraries, I was stunned after reading!

Let's start happily~

development tool

Python version: 3.6.4

Related modules:

socket module;

textblob module;

pygame module;

pyqrcode module;

pyshorteners module;

Google trans module;

pendulum module;

fabulous module;

pywebview module;

Environment construction

Install Python and add it to the environment variable. pip can install the relevant modules required.

Speedtest (network speed test)

The Speedtest module can test the network bandwidth of the computer.

Use Baidu source installation library.

#Install speedtest
pip install speedtest -i
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When using, you need to cancel certificate verification

import speedtest

#Global cancel certificate validation
import ssl
ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context\

test = speedtest.Speedtest()
down =
upload = test.upload()

print(f"Upload speed:{round(upload/(1024 * 1024),2)} Mbps")\
print(f"Download speed:{round(down/(1024 * 1024),2)} Mbps")
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The results are as follows

Upload speed: 31.3 Mbps
 Download speed: 86.34 Mbps
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Socket (get local ip address)

Using socket, first obtain the host name of the computer, and then obtain the IP address of the computer.

socket is Python's built-in standard library, which does not need to be installed.

import socket as f

hostn = f.gethostname()
Laptop = f.gethostbyname(hostn)
print("Your computer is local IP the address is:" + Laptop)
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The results are as follows. This IP is the IP in the LAN.

Your computer is local IP The address is:
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If you want to get the public IP address of the computer, you can use some third-party websites, such as the following.

#Browser access, return public IP address
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The code is as follows, and the certificate verification is also cancelled.

import json
from urllib.request import urlopen

#Global cancel certificate validation
import ssl
ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context

with urlopen(r'') as fp:
    content =

ip = json.loads(content)['ip']
print("Your computer public network IP the address is:" + ip)
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Initiate a request for the website and parse the returned results.

Finally, the public IP address is successfully obtained.

#Here's a random one~
Your computer public network IP The address is:
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Textblob (text processing)

TextBlob is a Python library for processing text data, which is only used for English analysis.

Chinese can use SnowNLP, which can easily process Chinese text content. It is inspired by TextBlob.

Let's do a spell check for English.

from textblob import TextBlob

a = TextBlob("I dream about workin with goof company")
a = a.correct()
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give the result as follows

I dream about working with good company
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You can see that the words in the sentence have been corrected.

PyGame (making games)

pygame, a Python library for making games.

It not only provides developers with a graphics and sound library for making games, but also uses built-in modules to realize complex game logic.

Let's use pygame to make a small music player

from pygame import mixer
import pygame
import sys

pygame.display.set_mode([300, 300])

music = "my_dream.mp3"

#Click × Code that can close the interface
while 1:
    for event in pygame.event.get():
        if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
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Pyqrcode (generate QR code)

QR code is abbreviated as QR Code(Quick Response Code), scientific name is quick response matrix code, which is a kind of two-dimensional bar code. It was invented by Denso Wave company of Japan in 1994.

Now, with the popularity of smart phones, they have been widely used in daily life, such as commodity information query, social friend interaction, network address access and so on.

pyqrcode module is a QR code generator, which is simple to use and written in pure python.


#Install pyqrcode
pip install pyqrcode -i
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Next, baidu click will generate a QR code

import pyqrcode
import png
from pyqrcode import QRCode

inpStr = ""
qrc = pyqrcode.create(inpStr)
qrc.png("baidu.png", scale=6)
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Short URLs

Python shorteners is a simple Python library for URL shortening.

18 short chain root domain names are provided for use.


#Installing pyshorteners\
pip install pyshorteners -i
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In Clck Ru format as an example

import pyshorteners as psn

url = ""
u = psn.Shortener().clckru.short(url)
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The results are as follows

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Google trans (translation)

Google Trans is a free and unlimited Python Translation Library, which can be used to automatically detect language types, translations and so on.

Install version 3.1.0a0. The latest version cannot be used.

#Install Google trans
pip install googletrans==3.1.0a0 -i
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View all supported languages.

import googletrans
from googletrans import Translator

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The results are as follows, including simplified and traditional Chinese.

    'af': 'afrikaans',
    'sq': 'albanian',
    'am': 'amharic',
    'ar': 'arabic',
    'hy': 'armenian',
    'az': 'azerbaijani',
    'eu': 'basque',
    'be': 'belarusian',
    'bn': 'bengali',
    'bs': 'bosnian',
    'bg': 'bulgarian',
    'ca': 'catalan',
    'ceb': 'cebuano',
    'ny': 'chichewa',
    'zh-cn': 'chinese (simplified)',
    'zh-tw': 'chinese (traditional)',
    'co': 'corsican',
    'hr': 'croatian',
    'cs': 'czech',
    'da': 'danish',
    'nl': 'dutch',
    'en': 'english',
    'eo': 'esperanto',
    'et': 'estonian',
    'tl': 'filipino',
    'fi': 'finnish',
    'fr': 'french',
    'fy': 'frisian',
    'gl': 'galician',
    'ka': 'georgian',
    'de': 'german',
    'el': 'greek',
    'gu': 'gujarati',
    'ht': 'haitian creole',
    'ha': 'hausa',
    'haw': 'hawaiian',
    'iw': 'hebrew',
    'he': 'hebrew',
    'hi': 'hindi',
    'hmn': 'hmong',
    'hu': 'hungarian',
    'is': 'icelandic',
    'ig': 'igbo',
    'id': 'indonesian',
    'ga': 'irish',
    'it': 'italian',
    'ja': 'japanese',
    'jw': 'javanese',
    'kn': 'kannada',
    'kk': 'kazakh',
    'km': 'khmer',
    'ko': 'korean',
    'ku': 'kurdish (kurmanji)',
    'ky': 'kyrgyz',
    'lo': 'lao',
    'la': 'latin',
    'lv': 'latvian',
    'lt': 'lithuanian',
    'lb': 'luxembourgish',
    'mk': 'macedonian',
    'mg': 'malagasy',
    'ms': 'malay',
    'ml': 'malayalam',
    'mt': 'maltese',
    'mi': 'maori',
    'mr': 'marathi',
    'mn': 'mongolian',
    'my': 'myanmar (burmese)',
    'ne': 'nepali',
    'no': 'norwegian',
    'or': 'odia',
    'ps': 'pashto',
    'fa': 'persian',
    'pl': 'polish',
    'pt': 'portuguese',
    'pa': 'punjabi',
    'ro': 'romanian',
    'ru': 'russian',
    'sm': 'samoan',
    'gd': 'scots gaelic',
    'sr': 'serbian',
    'st': 'sesotho',
    'sn': 'shona',
    'sd': 'sindhi',
    'si': 'sinhala',
    'sk': 'slovak',
    'sl': 'slovenian',
    'so': 'somali',
    'es': 'spanish',
    'su': 'sundanese',
    'sw': 'swahili',
    'sv': 'swedish',
    'tg': 'tajik',
    'ta': 'tamil',
    'te': 'telugu',
    'th': 'thai',
    'tr': 'turkish',
    'uk': 'ukrainian',
    'ur': 'urdu',
    'ug': 'uyghur',
    'uz': 'uzbek',
    'vi': 'vietnamese',
    'cy': 'welsh',
    'xh': 'xhosa',
    'yi': 'yiddish',
    'yo': 'yoruba',
    'zu': 'zulu',

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translater = Translator()
out = translater.translate("Hello", dest='en', src='auto')
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give the result as follows

#Translation results
Translated(src=zh-CN, dest=en, text=Hello, pronunciation=None, extra_data="{'translat...")
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src: the language of the source text

dest: the language in which the source text is converted.

text: translation results

Pendulum (time)

Pendulum is a Python library that handles dates and times, which is useful when it comes to time zones.


#Installing pendulum
pip install pendulum -i
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Look at the time two minutes ago.

import pendulum

past =
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give the result as follows

2 minutes ago
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Fabulous (add text color)

If you run a Python program on the command line, the output is the same color, which is inconvenient to observe

With Fabulous, you can add images and colored text to highlight the output


#Installing fabulous
pip install fabulous -i
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Let's take a look at an example!

from fabulous.color import bold, magenta, highlight_red

    hello world
    this is some new line
    and here is the last line. :)
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As a result, the output font is bold and colored

pywebview(GUI browser)

pywebview is a Python library for displaying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript content in GUI form.

This means that with this library, you can display web pages in desktop applications.


#Install pywebview
pip install pywebview -i
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Start a window of a given website and run the following code

import webview

window = webview.create_window(
    title='use Baidu Search,It's all advertising',
    resizable=False,    #Fixed window size
    text_select=False,   #Prohibit selection of text content
    confirm_close=True   #Prompt when closing
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give the result as follows

I hope it can help you!

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