JQuery obtains the specified contents of multiple tags at the same time and stores them as an array

In web development, we often encounter the problem of getting the same type of tag, such as the following two cases

When it is necessary to obtain the specified value of the same label in batch, the newcomer will encounter a little trouble

For example, demo with id=problem1

var list1=$("#problem1").children();//Get to problem1 Array of objects specified
console.log(list1);//Print to console

The output of the console is the same as what we think. So let's look at the next code

var list1=$("#problem1").children().html();

Based on the above, new people will think of list as an array of values in each li object stored

But the output of the console is:

Only the content of the first li is output. The newcomer (I) is confused here. Why is it totally different from the imagination

After consulting various materials, we finally found the problem:

In the array of list1 at this time

Each element is no longer a 'li' object, so running the console will report an error:

To achieve our goal, we must use

each() method in JQuery:

The each() method specifies the function to run for each matching element.




So we use the following methods to get what we need

1     var array=new Array();//Declare a new array
2 var list1=$("#problem1").children().each(function (index,element) {//Traverse each object
3     array.push($(this).html());//Store values in an array
4 });
5 console.log(array);


What we want to achieve is achieved

Here is the complete demo:

 1 <!DOCTYPE html>
 2 <html>
 4 <head>
 5     <meta charset="utf-8" />
 6     <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
 7     <title>demo</title>
 8     <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
 9 </head>
11 <body>
12     <!-- First kind -->
13     <ul id="problem1">
14         <li>Content to get 1</li>
15         <li>What to get 2</li>
16         <li>What to get 3</li>
17         <li>What to get 4</li>
18         <li>What to get 5</li>
19     </ul>
20     <!-- Second kinds -->
21     <ul id="problem2">
22         <li> <span>type:</span>
23             <div>What to get 2</div>
24         </li>
25         <li> <span>type:</span>
26             <div>What to get 3</div>
27         </li>
28         <li> <span>type:</span>
29             <div>What to get 4</div>
30         </li>
31         <li> <span>type:</span>
32             <div>What to get 5</div>
33         </li>
34         <li> <span>type:</span>
35             <div>What to get 6</div>
36         </li>
37     </ul>
38 </body>
39 <script src="https://cdn.bootcss.com/jquery/2.2.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
40 <script>
41     var array = new Array();//Declare a new array
42     var list1 = $("#problem1").children().each(function (index, element) {//Traverse each object
43         array.push($(this).html());//Store values in an array
44     });
45     console.log(array);
47     var array2 = new Array();
48     var list2 = $("#problem2").children().children('div').each(function (key, val) {
49         array2.push($(this).html());
50     })
51     console.log(array2);
52 </script>
54 </html>

Content is printed on the console


Every day is wonderful !

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