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With the increasing improvement of the function and ecology of wechat applet, many companies have more and more applet project page structures and more complex business logic. How to do a good job in the automatic test of small programs has become a major pain problem faced by test students.
Wechat applet

The applet is embedded in wechat. The page contains Native elements and Web elements, which is equivalent to a hybrid application. Moreover, the Web part of the applet is developed based on Tencent's X5 kernel, which is also special
WebView. Then, conduct automated testing on wechat applets, including operating native applications, WebView, and official automation SDK based on wechat.
WebView page element get

Use the element positioning tool:

  • weditor

Webitor installation method

pip install weditor

Reference documents:

When using chrome inspect to locate, the parsing element parses the page into an html page. When using webitor, the page will be parsed into a native page, while Appium
When operating elements, the page is also parsed into a native operation (except switching webview)

Get applet number (open applet)


adb shell dumpsys activity top| grep ACTIVITY


adb shell dumpsys activity top| findstr ACTIVITY

Get Android process

Actual combat source code

from time import sleepfrom appium import webdriver  
class TestDemo:    def setup(self):        self.desire_cap= {            'automationName': "uiautomator2",            "platformName": "Android",            "deviceName": "wechat",            "appPackage": "",            "appActivity": ".ui.LauncherUI",            "noReset": "true",            'chromeOptions': {'androidProcess': ''}        }        # Android process: webview is an independent process, so it cannot be obtained. You need to add Android process in chromeOptions to self driver=webdriver. Remote(" ",self.desire_cap)        self.driver.implicitly_wait(20)  
    def teardown(self):        self.driver.quit()  
    def test_demo(self):        # When wechat was first opened, the page loading time was unknown,        # Need to pass find_element Trigger implicit wait to prevent subsequent operation failure        self.driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[@ text = 'address book'] ") size = self.driver.get_window_size() # get the width and height of the current screen width = size.get (" width ") height = size.get (" height ") # slide to open the applet page self.driver.swipe ((width / 2), int ((height * 0.2)), (width / 2), (height * 0.8), 2000) self.driver.find_element_by_xpath (" //*[@ resource id ='com. Tencent. Mm: ID / gam 'and @ text =' snowball '] "). Click() sleep (5) print (self.driver.contexts,' first print ') self.driver.find_element_by_xpath (" / / * [@ content desc =' search stock information / code '] /..). Click() self.driver.find_element_by_xpath (' / / * [@ text = "please enter stock name / code"]). send_keys(" Alibaba text = self.driver.find_element_by_xpath ('/ / * [@ content desc = "Alibaba"]') assert text

Software version

  • Simulator: Genymotion

  • System version: 8.1

  • Wechat version: 7.0.15

  • Applet: Snowball

Reference link


There are many test methods for applets. Because wechat versions are often upgraded and webview settings will change, the available test methods may be different for each version. For more available test methods, please refer to the tester Forum:

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