Jin Shengfu: Analysis on the rise and fall of the latest market of gold crude oil on May 24, and suggestions on the operation of gold crude oil

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   A new day, a new beginning! New opportunities! The investment road is not smooth. My words are not gorgeous, but they are very sincere. Wealth and freedom are first the distance of the head, and then the distance of the pocket. If there is a loss, we should look for the reason and change the target situation, otherwise we will fall into a vicious circle. We will continue to make losses and find reasons. We will not be able to make money, and we will not know where to enter and where to exit. In fact, in a word, there is only one problem: you have no confidence and operate blindly and frequently; Without professional technicians to help you analyze and avoid risks, how can you make profits?

     If you just enter the market and come to me, Jin Shengfu will teach you to operate while learning; If you are not ideal, you can come to me and I will help you, and you will not make mistakes again and again; If you have been struggling in this market but are black and blue, you might as well come to Jin Shengfu, who will be confident to help you regain your confidence. Next, Mr. Jin Shengfu briefly analyzes a basic market of gold crude oil today.

What recent news has affected the trend of gold? How to judge the long and short future of gold? ​

    Monday(5 April 24)In early Asian trading, spot gold rose slightly and is now reported at US $1886/Ounces. The US dollar index stands above the threshold of 90 again. The silver price continues to be under pressure from the 4-hour chart resistance, and the silver price falls below the early resistance in the short term. At present, there is no obvious bullish trend. The US data last week were mixed Markit PMI Exceeded expectations, with manufacturing output reaching 61.5,The service industry index is as high as 70.1. Today, there is a lack of important economic events and data guidance in the morning market of yapan, and investors are expected to continue to digest the information before the weekend.

   Although investors speculated that the Federal Reserve would have to tighten its ultra loose monetary policy earlier than expected, the dollar recorded a decline in the past week. Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has repeatedly reiterated that the current policy will remain unchanged until they see substantial progress in achieving the goals of full employment and price stability.

   It is worth noting that Biden announced scale 2.25 The trillion dollar infrastructure plan was opposed by Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The two sides had serious differences in the total amount, coverage and fund-raising proposal. Biden compromised and was willing to shrink the infrastructure plan by 1/4 To 1.7 Trillion dollars, but the Republicans still don't appreciate it. However, several Fed officials have turned hawkish, Dallas Fed President Robert·Kaplan(Robert Kaplan)He expressed his position, urged the discussion on debt reduction as soon as possible, and also mentioned that there are many uncertainties in inflation. Philadelphia Fed President Patrick·Huck(Patrick Harker)It said that discussions on reducing bond purchases should begin as soon as possible. If we see progress in prices and employment, we can begin to discuss reducing quantitative easing.

    It's the first problem that we can't get the news of gold market and foreign exchange market anytime and anywhere, because it's the first problem that we can't get the news of gold market and foreign exchange market together, so it's very difficult for us to get the news of gold market and foreign exchange market together, Make the most robust list.

5.24 analysis of gold market trend:

Technical analysis of gold: from the daily perspective, the short-term gold price is still stable above the technical index support of the daily moving average. The overall daily moving average is in a relatively regular and divergent arrangement, maintaining the strong daily level and more trend direction guidance. In terms of daily line indicators, MACD runs upward on both lines, the energy column continues to be in high volume, the bonding direction of KDJ is unknown, and RSI indicators remain in the overbought area, showing a turning downward trend. Indicators show that while gold prices are bullish, there is also a greater risk of falling.

     From the 1-hour chart of gold, the price of gold rose again and fell sharply after failing to reach the 1890 level. There were three times that the 1870 level was not broken, which proved that there was some support at the 1870 level. Short term moving average EMA5 and EMA10 Cross, but the direction is unknown. In terms of indicators, MACD Two way down operation, KDJ Running down, RSI Turning upward near 47, the index shows that the gold price will rebound to a certain extent if it fails to fall below the 1870 mark, but the rebound is not expected to be large.

On the whole, due to the cooling of the expectation of monetary tightening by the Federal Reserve, the gold price still has a certain upward space. However, given that the gold price is currently facing great callback pressure, it can not catch up with more at a high level. In terms of today's gold operation ideas, Jin Shengfu suggested that the callback should still be dominated by more at a low level, supplemented by short at a high level, and the upper part focuses on the regional resistance of 1890-1900, Pay attention to the stage support of 1870, 1861 and 1852 below; The market changes in real time, and the strategy is for reference only. The real-time access points and the layout of medium and long-term lines can be consulted by Jin Shengfu for free!

5.24 gold operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

    Gold rebounded 1887-1889 Short (buy or fall) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1875-1870 Nearby, break to see the 1865 line; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

     Gold callback 1863-1865 Long (buy up) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1870-1875 Nearby, break to see the 1880 line; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

5.24 analysis of crude oil market trend:

Crude oil news analysis: oil prices jumped 2% on Friday after falling for three days, helped by the formation of a storm in the Gulf of Mexico. Investors are ready to welcome Iran's resumption of crude oil supply as officials say progress has been made in the negotiation between Iran and world powers to restart the nuclear agreement. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Friday that the weather system formed in the western Gulf of Mexico has a 40% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours. Shengfu believes that the early storm pushed traders to buy crude oil before the weekend, as it is expected that production may be interrupted. Iran's oil production is expected to increase by 1 million barrels per day or more later this summer, which limits the rise in oil prices. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the United States was ready to lift sanctions on Iran's oil, banking and shipping industries.

According to the technical analysis of crude oil, from the daily line, the crude oil continued to be blocked the next day, and the MA5 daily moving average began to decline. It fell near the lower track in the intraday, recording a big overcast with shadow lines. The market rebounded slightly on Friday, or will continue to decline; In terms of the 4-hour line, the crude oil broke the upward trend of shock the next day, launched a unilateral downward trend, and fell below the medium track. At present, the brin belt is in the opening stage, the MA moving average is out of the double dead fork, the KDJ random index is down the third line, the green kinetic energy column of MACD index continues to be in high volume, the dead fork of the fast and slow line is down, and the 4-hour line is in an obvious short trend. At present, the pressure on the upper moving average of crude oil is strong, There is still downward momentum.

According to the hourly chart, support was found near the crude oil dip of 61.5, and the V-shaped reversal was launched. The short-term performance was strong. At present, there is rebound demand for crude oil, but the support below is strong, and the hourly cycle is in an obvious short trend. At present, the upper average resistance of crude oil is strong, and there is still downward momentum. In the short-term operation of crude oil today, Jin Shengfu suggested that the rebound should be dominated by short selling, supplemented by long callback. The top should pay attention to the first-line resistance of 64.3-64.6, and if it breaks through, it should look at the resistance level of 65.2-65.5; Focus on the first-line support of 61.8-61.5 below. If it falls below, look at the support level of 60.5-58.50. At present, there are single friends in the position. Because the author doesn't know the point position of your set of orders and the details of the position, it's difficult to give the corresponding solution set strategy. Those who need solution set can be jinshengfu.

5.24 crude oil operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

    Crude oil rebounded above 64.2-64.5 Short nearby(Buy (down), 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 Dollars, target 63.5-63.0 Nearby; Break 62.5 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

   Crude oil callback below 61.8-62.0 Long (buy up) nearby, 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 USD, target 62.5-63.0 Nearby; Break 63.5 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

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