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Whether students or people who have worked, I think they all have the same dream: enter a big factory!

Seeing that 2021 is half past, how can we overtake at the corner in the second half of the year and enter the dream factory

First of all, you should know that now, whether large or small companies, the interview investigation is not only about the mastery of technical language, but also the examination of developers' algorithm ability is becoming more and more strict** Even many companies directly let handwritten code to test the soundness of data structure and algorithm. In this link, people who do not have a solid foundation in data structure and algorithm will inevitably die! Those who understand the data structure and algorithm are bound to pass the customs interview more easily. In fact, it's not just the interview. The foundation of the algorithm is not solid. At work, the improvement of code performance and the control of programming language will be much worse than others! These are the core standards to measure an excellent programmer!

If you want to be more relaxed and competitive in your interview and work in the future, I advise you to really learn data structures and algorithms now!

Alibaba article

1.Solid computer professional foundation, including algorithm and data structure, operating system, computer network, computer architecture, database, etc

2.Have solid Java Fundamentals of programming, understanding IO,Multithreading and other basic frameworks

3.Skilled use Linux Common commands and of the system shell Have some understanding

4.Proficient in multi-threaded programming, familiar with distributed programming,cache,Message queue and other mechanisms; be familiar with JVM,Including memory model, class loading mechanism and performance optimization

5.master spring mvc,orm Frame( ibatis or hibernate),Template engine( velocity),Design and application of relational database SQL

6.Have good object-oriented programming experience and in-depth understanding OO,AOP Thinking, strong analysis and design ability, familiar with common design patterns

7.Experience in large-scale distributed, high concurrency, high load, high availability system design and stability

8.Familiar with object-oriented design and development, familiar with various common design patterns, and experience in specific application scenarios

9.be familiar with Spring,iBatis,And other open source frameworks and common middleware such as message and storage. Have you read through the source code of the open source framework

10.Familiarity based Oracle perhaps Mysql Design and development Linux operating system

11.be familiar with SOA,Experience in platform implementation, experience in large data volume, high concurrency system and large website construction

12.Experience in distributed system application architecture design and R & D, proficient in Java EE,SOA,OSGI And other related technologies

13.For various open source frameworks such as Spring,Hibernate Have in-depth understanding of the framework, and have developed or reconstructed the framework itself is preferred

14.With large e-commerce websites O2O Industry C End product system architecture design experience

Baidu article

1.Familiar with common design patterns and master java Popular open source framework SpringMVC/Spring Boot/Spring Cloud,Proficient in using at least one ORM frame

2.Master the basic data structure and algorithm, and have practical experience in system analysis and design

3.be familiar with Rest,HTTP,Socket,webservice,HTTP Protocol, with concurrent and multithreaded programming experience

4.yes Mysql,Redis,MongoDB Have research or project experience in database, etc

5.Experience in large-scale Internet service design and development

6.be familiar with JVM,yes JVM Have a certain understanding and be able to use relevant tools JVM performance tuning 

7.Familiar with common open source distributed middleware, cache, message queue, etc nginx,MySQL,Redis,mongodb And other commonly used open source software

8.be familiar with MySQL Database design and optimization, including NoSQL Database experience

9.Experience in big data storage or high-performance computing platform architecture, design and development

10.Experience in large-scale Internet service design and development

Tencent article

1.master Web At least one background development language( PHP,Java,.Net,C++),Have certain architecture ability and good code specification

2.be familiar with linux/unix System and development environment

3.be familiar with TCP/IP agreement, socket programming

4.be familiar with mysql as well as SQL language

5.Experience in design and development of high performance and large capacity service system

6.Proficient in object-oriented design, proficient in J2EE development, java web development

7.Comprehensive and solid software knowledge structure (operating system, software engineering, design mode, data structure, database system, network security);

8.Have good ability to analyze and solve problems, be able to undertake tasks independently and have the ability to control the progress of the system

9.master MySQL or Mongo DB,Familiar with cache technology memcached,redis

10.Experience in design, development and tuning of large-scale distributed, high concurrency, high load and high availability systems

11.B/S Experience in structural system analysis and design, and experience in building scalable, scalable and highly available systems

12.Good development habits, familiar with Maven, Jenkins, JUnit Other tools

13.master MVC/REST Principle and application of architecture, template engine and Middleware

14.be familiar with MySQL Database, understanding MySQL Index optimization, query optimization and storage optimization


For many Java engineers, if they want to improve their skills, they often grope and grow by themselves. The learning effect of fragmentation is inefficient, long and helpless.

These materials hope to be a reference for Java development friends and avoid detours. The focus of this article is whether you have gained and grown, and the rest are not important. I hope readers can keep this in mind.

Share another wave of my real Java interview questions + video learning details + advanced skills books for free

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Share another wave of my real Java interview questions + video learning details + advanced skills books for free

Click here to get all the learning materials I collected above for free

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