Jin Shengfu: 4.26 gold crude oil is long and short today. What do you think? Suggestions on daily operation of gold crude oil

Introduction to preface:

   4.26 Gold crude oil analysis and operation suggestions on Monday, 4.26 Will gold and crude oil rise today?4.26 How to solve the long and short quilt cover of gold and crude oil? four.26 What about the gold empty sheet quilt cover? four.26 Gold support below, where is the upper resistance level? four.26 How to reduce the loss of quilt out? four.26 Can gold return to 1760? Can gold rise to 1800 on Monday? Will spot gold and crude oil continue to rise on Monday, April 26? four.26 The general trend of gold and crude oil is bullish and bearish?

What recent news has affected the trend of gold? How to judge the long and short future of gold? ​

   Monday(4 June 26)In early trading in Asia, the US dollar index continued to weaken, and the current trading is at 90.75 Nearby; Spot gold continued to rise in the short term, and the price of gold just exceeded US $1780/ounce. Investors will welcome the Fed's decision this week. Analysts pointed out that if the Fed takes a dove position, it will push the price of gold above the important $1800/Ounce mark. The dollar index closed at 90 last week.84,Weekly decline 0.76%. On Monday morning, the dollar index continued to decline, reaching a minimum of 90.74. The dollar continued its weakness last week. Although the strong economic performance brought some support to the dollar, the unexpected hawks of the Bank of Canada made the market worried that major central banks other than the Federal Reserve might take action in advance, which put downward pressure on the dollar.

    This week (from April 26 to May 1), investors should first pay attention to the interest rate resolutions of the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve, as well as the 16th session OPEC+The Ministerial Conference of oil producing countries will affect the future direction of the oil market. In terms of data, we need to pay attention to us durable goods orders in March and US wholesale inventory in March. The biggest event risk this week will be the Fed's monetary policy meeting. Thursday 02 Hong Kong time:00,Federal Open Market Committee(FOMC)The interest rate resolution will be published; Thursday 02 Hong Kong time:30,Fed chairman Powell will hold a press conference. Us initial jobless claims for the week ended April 24, Chicago in April PMI And other data. Finally, we need to pay attention to the speeches of US President Biden, European central bank executive Schnabel and New York Fed chairman Williams. This week will also usher in May Day. Investors should pay attention to the closing arrangements of relevant exchanges.

Friends who have just entered the market for gold, crude oil and other foreign exchange and bulk commodities may not be able to obtain the first news or news in the international market due to work, life and other problems, which is a great trouble for us to do gold and crude oil. Therefore, Jin Shengfu welcomes friends who are investors to find me to communicate and make progress together, so that you can know the trends of the international market at the first time anytime, anywhere, Make the most robust list.

4.26 analysis of gold market trend:

Technical analysis of gold: gold rose first and then fell last week, breaking through the previous high of 1790, but there is still resistance after the peak reached 1797, because here is the 61.8% Fibonacci callback rebound from 1875 to 1676; After testing the resistance of 1797 for three times, gold chose to fall back quickly on Friday night, stepping back on 1723 to rise to the 38.2% callback level of 1797, and there is indeed some support here. At present, the triple top is built at 1798, the weekly line closes the small Yin cross star, the rise of gold is curbed, the decline is started, and the gold is bearish under 1800 this week!

Gold showed a shock pattern last week, with the highest price reaching 1797 and the lowest reaching 1763. The weekly line closed with a cross star at 1776. From the daily level, gold is still a downward trend starting from 2075. Although it rebounded after the double bottom construction at 1678, the strength of the rebound is insufficient. After maintaining the rebound for two weeks, it ended with cross star last week. At present, the daily macd gold fork operates in shock and the indicator sto hooks down. Although the daily line is long, it shows signs of falling slightly. At present, the following attention is paid to the 1752-47 line of the medium rail support of the moving average brin belt. Falling below the bonding support of the medium rail and the moving average MA30, the gold price will weaken completely. The rebound is over, and then there will be a downward correction trend! From the 30 minute level, gold soared last Friday and failed to break through the pressure position of 1798. Then the great Yin line directly broke through the support of the 1780 line, and the law of gradual lifting of the bottom of gold was broken! Start the downward trend! The nearest support position below is 1762, which is the consolidation platform position of the early callback low point! Within the day, it is expected that this position will continue to decline after consolidation! Overall: in terms of today's gold operation ideas, Jin Shengfu suggested to focus on rebound and short selling, focusing on 1783-1785 resistance at the top and 1770-1762 support at the bottom; The market changes in real time, and the strategy is for reference only. The real-time access points and the layout of medium and long-term lines can be consulted by Jin Shengfu for free!

4.26 gold operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

    Gold rebounded 1783-1785 Short (buy or fall) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1770-1765 Nearby, break to see the 1760 line; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

     Gold callback 1760-1763 Long (buy up) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1770-1775 Nearby, break to see the 1780 line; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

4.26 analysis of crude oil market trend:

Crude oil news analysis: during the Asian period on Monday (April 26), US crude oil hovered around us $61.95; Oil prices closed higher on Friday, thanks to the positive economic data of the United States and Europe. The market is looking forward to the recovery of oil demand with the acceleration of economic growth and the lifting of the blockade, but the rise was restrained by concerns about the second wave of epidemic in India. Focus on the initial monthly rate of durable goods orders in the United States in March.

Technically, crude oil fell first and then rose last week, showing a trend of rising and falling as a whole. At the beginning of the week, the oil price showed a strong performance, and once rose close to the $64.3 mark. However, after several rises failed to make a breakthrough, the high oil price fell due to resistance. Although it rose slightly at the end of Friday, it retook all the gains at the beginning of the week, and the weekly line recorded a physical negative line. From a technical point of view, the daily line recorded a solid positive line after two consecutive overcast days, and the K line held the brin belt middle rail for several bottoms and rebounds, indicating that the support in this region is effective. After the continuous overcast decline, the short position has eased. In addition, the callback did not fall below the brin belt middle rail support or the previous low point. The overall daily line is still a pattern of excessive shocks.

    4 On the hourly line, K The line is touching 60.5 After the key support, Lianyang goes up. At present K The line rises from the lower rail of the brin belt to the upper rail of the middle rail, but the brin belt is still open below and closing sharply, indicating that the plate will change in the future. Focus on the lower 60.5 Support, upper 62.5 First line pressure, break and follow. On the whole, the decline of crude oil slowed down after the sharp decline last week, but it did not change the pattern of short-term positions. It is expected to continue the decline of last week within the day. On the whole: in terms of crude oil operation ideas today, Jin Shengfu suggested to rebound and short mainly, with 62 on the top.5-62.8 First line resistance, focus on 60 below.8-61.0 Support; At present, there are single friends in the position. Because the author doesn't know the point position of your set of orders and the details of the position, it's difficult to give the corresponding solution-A set of strategies need to be solved-The set can be used by Jin Shengfu.

4.26 crude oil operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

    Crude oil rebounded above 62.4-62.6 Short nearby(Buy (down), 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 $61, look at the target.5-61.0 Nearby; Break 60.8 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

   60 below crude oil pullback.6-60.8 Long (buy up) nearby, 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 USD, target 61.5-62.0 Nearby; Break 62.5 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

     In the twinkling of an eye, it's the end of April. Shengfu wants to ask all friends how much you have gained, lost and received since you made gold and crude oil, or from early April to now. The purpose of analysts is to satisfy investors and make money together, but do your teachers really satisfy you? Let's ask ourselves. It's normal that the market has losses and losses, but I don't want to see everyone lose their money. If you want to make money, I also want to make money. We all move forward for one goal. They all start in one direction. All want to find a glimmer of light in the dark. Shengfu believes that the first thing to consider in investment transactions is how to achieve stable returns. Investment is a long-term plan, not overnight, so we should not rush. Even if you lose money now, it's nothing to be afraid of. As long as you choose the right one, what you lose will come back. Grasp the opportunity to make orders and grasp the trend of the market, so as to win every battle. The process of investment is a process of gradual growth, and the deepening of risk awareness is a sign of investors' continuous maturity.  

This article is contributed by Jin Shengfu, which interprets the economic highlights, studies and judges the changes of market sentiment, analyzes the investment trend, transmits valuable investment ideas, and has in-depth and unique views on major global financial markets such as gold, crude oil and. The above contents belong to Jin Shengfu's personal suggestions. Due to the timeliness of online documents, the suggestions are for reference only. Therefore, the operation risk is at your own risk!

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