Apple CMSv10 Total Static Pseudo-static Rules Tutorial Pagoda Linux System

Apple CMS, also known as MacCMS, is a common video network management program for most video webmasters.

Apple CMS website in order to strengthen the inclusion of optimized SEO, do static links is the best.

Pseudo-static is conducive to search engine optimization and better ranking.

However, generating static pages will take up a large number of disks of the server and affect the speed of the server. Especially the lightweight configuration of the new stationmaster, is extremely unwilling to see.


Begin with the main topic:


I. Setting Pseudo-static Rules in Pagoda Background

Packing Pagoda Pseudo-Static Rules: Pagoda Panel - Website - Settings - Pseudo-Static - Paste Rule Code - Save


Pseudo-static rules:

if (!-e $request_filename) {
        rewrite ^/index.php(.*)$ /index.php?s=$1 last;
        rewrite ^/api.php(.*)$ /api.php?s=$1 last;
        rewrite ^/admin.php(.*)$ /admin.php?s=$1 last;
        rewrite ^(.*)$ /index.php?s=$1 last;


2. Setting Pseudo-static Routing Rules in Apple CMS Background and Opening Pseudo-static Routing Rules

1. Setting up pseudo-static Apple background routing: Apple background -- System -- URL address configuration -- pseudo-static routing settings -- routing rules -- paste rules code -- save


Routing pseudo-static rules:

map   => map/index
rss   => rss/index
index-<page?>   => index/index
gbook-<page?>   => gbook/index
gbook$   => gbook/index
topic-<page?>   => topic/index
topic$  => topic/index
topicdetail-<id>   => topic/detail
actor-<page?>   => actor/index
actor$ => actor/index
actordetail-<id>   => actor/detail
actorshow/<area?>-<blood?>-<by?>-<letter?>-<level?>-<order?>-<page?>-<sex?>-<starsign?>   => actor/show
role-<page?>   => role/index
role$ => role/index
roledetail-<id>   => role/detail
roleshow/<by?>-<letter?>-<level?>-<order?>-<page?>-<rid?>   => role/show
vodtype/<id>-<page?>   => vod/type
vodtype/<id>   => vod/type
voddetail/<id>   => vod/detail
vodrss-<id>   => vod/rss
vodplay/<id>-<sid>-<nid>   => vod/play
voddown/<id>-<sid>-<nid>   => vod/down
vodshow/<id>-<area?>-<by?>-<class?>-<lang?>-<letter?>-<level?>-<order?>-<page?>-<state?>-<tag?>-<year?>   => vod/show
vodsearch/<wd?>-<actor?>-<area?>-<by?>-<class?>-<director?>-<lang?>-<letter?>-<level?>-<order?>-<page?>-<state?>-<tag?>-<year?>   => vod/search
arttype/<id>-<page?>   => art/type
arttype/<id>   => art/type
artshow-<id>   => art/show
artdetail-<id>-<page?>   => art/detail
artdetail-<id>   => art/detail
artrss-<id>-<page>   => art/rss
artshow/<id>-<by?>-<class?>-<level?>-<letter?>-<order?>-<page?>-<tag?>   => art/show
artsearch/<wd?>-<by?>-<class?>-<level?>-<letter?>-<order?>-<page?>-<tag?>   => art/search
label-<file> => label/index


2. After setting up pseudo-static routing rules, pseudo-static routing rules should be turned on.

Routing status -- open;

Pseudo-static state -- open.


Remember to click Save. If you want to see the effect, you can go to this website to see:

If you have any questions, you can leave a message and reply one by one after you receive it.

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