Basic operations of Docker image

Introduction: This article introduces the three most commonly used basic operations of Docker image: login, pull and push, as well as how to log in to a sub account. By understanding the basic operation of mirroring, you can use the container mirroring service ACR more skillfully.

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1, Background information

You need to install Docker before using container image service. For information on how to install Docker, see:

2, docker login

Take Alibaba cloud Hangzhou public network Registry as an example to illustrate how to log in to Docker.
1. Indicate the Registry domain name and enter your user name and login password. Login Succeeded will be displayed after successful login.

docker@default-online:~$ docker login
Login Succeeded

Note: the login password here is your Mirror warehouse management console Instead of your alicloud login password.

2. Check config JSON file to confirm your login information.

docker@default-online:~$ cat ~/.docker/config.json
    "auths": {
        "": {
            "auth": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"

3, docker pull

Use the public image of the container service to create a registry cn-hangzhou. aliyuncs. COM / ACS / agent: 0.8 , for example, the command to download the image is as follows:

docker@default-online:~$ docker pull
0.8: Pulling from acs/agent
5a026b6c4964: Already exists
e4b621e8d9cb: Already exists
8bc2fd04bdd4: Pull complete
a977b0087b3e: Pull complete
8f6e00ea13c6: Pull complete
875dd8c9666f: Pull complete
9c07bcabc35d: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:cac848bd31bccf2a041bda7b57e3051341093abde6859df9ee9d332dfec6ddd9
Status: Downloaded newer image for


  • If you want to download the official image of Docker, please refer to the accelerator document in the relevant link below.
  • If you want to download the image under the public warehouse, you can download it without logging in to Registry.
  • The Registry you log in to and the Registry you operate the image must be consistent. For example, only log in to Registry cn-hangzhou. aliyuncs. In the case of COM , push , Registry cn-beijing. aliyuncs. Com image, the client will display an unauthorized error message.

You can use the command below to view the downloaded image (note the warehouse coordinates and Tag).

docker@default-online:~$ docker images
REPOSITORY                                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE   0.8                 b9ba5841bdb0        24 hours ago        42.18 MB

4, docker push

After the image is built or packaged in the local environment, it can be uploaded to the Registry.
The preparation for uploading is basically the same as that for downloading. You need to confirm that you have read-write permission or read-write authorization to this warehouse. Otherwise, you will see the error message below.

docker@default-online:~$ docker push
The push refers to a repository []
359f80267111: Layer already exists
7e5fa28d90b8: Layer already exists
b20d7f600f63: Layer already exists
4a159b4f8370: Layer already exists
7c3712ebe877: Layer already exists
d91d130a53aa: Layer already exists
fcad8ad5a40f: Layer already exists
unauthorized: authentication required

5, Login sub account

  1. Use the sub account to log in to the container image service console and set the login password of the corresponding Registry.
  2. Use [sub account name] @ [enterprise alias] as the user name to log in. You can set and view the enterprise alias of the master account in the RAM console. If there is no enterprise account alias, the default UID is the enterprise account alias.
    Assuming that the sub account name is # subaccount and the enterprise alias is # Misaka network, the login example is as follows:
docker@default-online:~$ docker login
Username: subaccount@misaka-network
Login Succeeded

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