C + + essay Nuget packaging

First, prepare all the compiled packages to a folder
Like this

Next, create a new text document with the suffix. nuspec Fill in content

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/packaging/2013/05/nuspec.xsd">
        <!-- The unique identification number of the package, which is also the package name -->

        <!-- The version of the package, which needs to be used when the version dependency problem needs to be solved -->

        <!-- author -->
        <authors>Pulsar-V,Zhijia Tao</authors>

        <!-- Author identifier to find their shared package in the repository -->
         <!-- Address of the project -->

         <!-- License certificate -->
        <license type="expression">Apache-2.0</license>

        <!-- Visual Studio It needs to be shown UI Icon -->

        <!-- If true, the user needs to accept the license before installing -->

        <!-- More about this release -->
        <releaseNotes>Release for windows Grpc</releaseNotes>

            Description information seen in Package Manager. 
        <description>CPP Windows 10 x64 plathform Grpc</description>

        <!-- Copyright information -->
        <copyright>Copyright ©2016 Contoso Corporation</copyright>

        <!-- Tags in the library, which can be used for tag search -->
        <tags>cpp parsing web rpc</tags>

    <!-- The first line, shown when installing the package readme.txt -->
        <file src="readme.txt" target="" />
		<!-- The files contained in the package and the path after packaging -->
		<file src=".\x64\lib\**" target="x64\lib" />
		<file src=".\x64\include\**" target="x64\include" />
		<file src=".\x64\bin\**" target="x64\bin" />
		<file src=".\x86\lib\**" target="x86\lib" />
		<file src=".\x86\include\**" target="x86\include" />
		<file src=".\x86\bin\**" target="x86\bin" />

Start packing

nuget pack grpc-1.20.0-v141.nuspec

Now, a package called Google.Grpc.1.20.0.nupkg is generated under the schedule by directory

Next, install our package locally and test the availability of the package

nuget add Google.Grpc.1.20.0.nupkg -Source E:\nuget\packages

You can see that a new package ID related folder has been created under E:\nuget\packages, which contains the package we just packed

Next try installing

nuget install Google.Grpc -Source E:\nuget\packages

Note:% appdata%\NuGet\NuGet.Config(Windows) and ~ /. nuget/NuGet/NuGet.Config(Mac/Linux). Is the default nuget source configuration path

view folders

There is no shortage of one. The installation is successful

Reference document

How to pack

Sources command (NuGet CLI)sources command (NuGet CLI)

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