Compile and call the Windows platform library under boost

Compilation and call of boost library under Windows platform [turn]

  • Download a compressed package


  • Open the command line window of VS

  • The command line window executes bootstrap bat

  • Run bootstrap. From the command line Bat, will produce bjam in the root directory exe,b2. Exe (upgraded version of bjam), project config jam,bootstrap.log four files

  • The command line required to compile the bjam Library
//Example - compile a boost library other than the boost::python Library
bjam stage --toolset=msvc-14.0 --without-python --stagedir="C:\Project\Boost" link=static runtime-link=shared threading=multi address-model=32
  • A lib directory will be generated under C:\Project\Boost, which is the Lib Library of the compiled boost

bjam compilation parameter description

  • stage/install:stage means that only libraries are generated, and install will also generate the include directory containing header files, but the compilation time is long; The default is stage.
  • --stagedir/prefix: stagedir is used during stage and prefix is used during install, indicating the path of the compiled generated file.
bjam install --toolset=msvc-14.0 --without-python --prefix="C:\Project\Boost" link=static runtime-link=shared threading=multi address-model=64
  • --Build type: complete compile all boost libraries; The default is complete.
bjam stage --toolset=msvc-14.0 --build-type=complete --stagedir="C:\Project\Boost" link=static runtime-link=shared threading=multi address-model=64
  • --without/with: select which libraries to not compile / compile. The default is to compile all.
  • The command to view the boost library is bjam -- show libraries
//boost::python lib
bjam stage --toolset=msvc-14.0  --with-python --stagedir="C:\Project\Boost" link=static threading=multi address-model=64
  • --toolset: Specifies the compiler, which is optional, such as borland, gcc, msvc-14.0 (VS2025), etc.
  • Link: generate dynamic link library / static link library.
    • static only generates lib files.
    • shared generates lib files and dll files.
bjam stage --toolset=msvc-14.0 --build-type=complete --stagedir="C:\Project\Boost" link=shared runtime-link=shared threading=multi address-model=64

  • Runtime link: dynamically / statically link C/C + + runtime libraries. There are also two methods: shared and static.
  • threading: single / multithreaded compilation. Now it's basically multi-mode.
  • Address model: 64 bit platform or 32-bit platform. If it is not filled in, the libraries of both platforms will be compiled.
  • debug/release: debug version, release version. If you don't fill in, both versions of the library will be compiled.
bjam stage --toolset=msvc-14.0  --with-atomic --stagedir="C:\Project\Boost" link=static threading=multi address-model=64 debug

Naming characteristics of boost library

//link=static runtime-link=shared
//link=static runtime-link=static
//link=shared runtime-link=shared
  • Beginning_ Library name - compiler version - [multithreading] - [static version] [debug version] - platform - version number
    • Beginning: the version starting with "lib" is "link=static" (static link library version without dll), while the version starting directly with "boost" is "link=shared" (dynamic link library version, including lib and dll).
    • Library name: followed by the name of boost library (such as date_time Library).
    • Compiler version: use "-" instead of the underscore "" between and the library name Separation (e.g. - vc140).
    • [multithreading]: the version with "mt" is "threading=multi", and the version without this item is "threading=single".
    • [static version]: the version with "s" is "runtime link = static". Without this item, it is "runtime link = shared".
    • [debug version]: those with "gd" are the debug version, while those without "gd" are the release version.
    • Platform: x64 or x32
    • Version number: all libraries contain the end of the version number of the boost library

Combination of link parameter and runtime link

linkruntime-linkOperation requirementsApply project settings
staticstaticlibboost_atomic-vc140-mt-sgd-x64-1_69.lib libboost_atomic-vc140-mt-s-x64-1_69.lib/MTd/MT
staticsharedlibboost_atomic-vc140-mt-gd-x64-1_69.lib libboost_atomic-vc140-mt-x64-1_69.lib/MDd/MD
sharedsharedboost_atomic-vc140-mt-gd-x64-1_69.dll boost_atomic-vc140-mt-gd-x64-1_69.lib boost_atomic-vc140-mt-x64-1_69.dll boost_atomic-vc140-mt-x64-1_69.lib 
sharedstaticThere is no such combination 

Usage configuration of VS Project

  • VS establishing win32 console project
  • Project settings - Properties (current solution)
    • VC + + directories:: include directory plus boost root directory
    • VC + + directories:: Library directories plus lib directory compiled by boost
  • If you connect the boost::python and boost::numpy libraries in a static way, you need to add a static ID before including these two modules
#include <boost/python.hpp>
#include <boost/python/numpy/ndarray.hpp>


#include <iostream>
#include <boost/format.hpp>
#include <iomanip>

int main()
    std::cout << boost::format("%s:%d+%d=%d\n") % "sum" % 1 % 2 % (1 + 2);

    boost::format fmt("(%1% + %2%) * %2% = %3%\n");
    fmt % 2 % 5 %((2+5)*5);
    std::cout << fmt.str();

    fmt.parse("%|05d|\n%|-8.3|f\n%| 10S|\n%|05X|\n");
    std::cout << fmt % 62 % 2.236 % "123456789" % 48;

    //std::cout << fmt.str();  //error after call clear function
    std::cout << fmt % 56 % 1.125 % "987654321" % 32;

    boost::format fmtPro("%1% %2% %3% %2% %1% \n");
    std::cout << fmtPro % 1 % 2 % 3;

    fmtPro.bind_arg(2, 10);
    std::cout << fmtPro % 1 % 3;

    std::cout << fmtPro % boost::io::group(std::showbase, std::oct, 111) % 333;

    fmtPro.modify_item(1, boost::io::group(std::hex, std::right, std::showbase, std::setw(8), std::setfill('*')));
    std::cout << fmtPro % 49 % 20 % 100;

    std::cout << 1 / 2;

    return 0;

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