Computer software copyright and Application

1. What is software copyright?

  Computer software copyright refers to the exclusive rights enjoyed by software developers or other obligees for software works in accordance with the provisions of relevant copyright laws. As far as the nature of right is concerned, it belongs to a kind of civil right and has the common characteristics of civil rights.

   Copyright is an exception to intellectual property rights, because the acquisition of copyright does not need to be confirmed individually, which is often referred to as the principle of "automatic protection". After the software is registered, the software copyright owner shall enjoy the right of publication, the right of developer identity, the right of use, the right of use license and the right to remuneration.

Why should enterprises apply for software copyright?

1. Through the regular announcement of the registration authority, you can publicize your products to the society.

2. In software copyright trade, certification will double the value of your software works.

The provisions on Several Issues concerning investment in shares with high-tech achievements stipulates that "computer software can be invested in shares as high-tech, and the pricing proportion can exceed the limit of 20% in the company law to 35%".

Some local governments even stipulate that "100% of the software technology can be invested as shares", but they all require that the software copyright registration must be obtained first.

3. In case of software copyright dispute, without registration, it is difficult for the copyright owner to prove the completion time and owner of the work.

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Article 32 stipulates: "the Copyright Administration Department of the State Council shall standardize and strengthen the software copyright registration system, encourage software copyright registration, and give key protection to registered software in accordance with national laws."

For example, when the software copyright is infringed, the judicial organ can directly use the software copyright registration certificate as strong evidence without examination; In addition, it is also the law enforcement basis for the national copyright administration to punish software copyright infringement.

4. The software product is legally operated or sold within the territory of China, and can be published and distributed.

For the brand building of the company, increase the core competitiveness of self-service R & D and enhance the influence of the enterprise in the industry.

5. When registering software products, it can be used as proof of independent intellectual property rights.

6. In the identification of software enterprises and high-tech enterprises, it can be used as proof materials for software products independently developed or with intellectual property rights. High enterprise declaration, dual software certification and necessary conditions for game online.

  The recognition of high-tech enterprises and the application of "double soft" are some high-tech enterprises all over the country/The requirements of government subsidies, funds and incubation industries for science and technology also include software copyright. In addition, there are R & D plus deduction, tax reduction and exemption policies, and the enterprise income tax is "two exemptions and three reductions by half".

  According to the requirements and measures for the identification of high-tech enterprises outside the national high tech Industrial Development Zone, one of the necessary conditions for the application of high-tech enterprises is more than 6 enterprise software copyrights. At the same time, the software certification product requirements of dual soft certification must also be registered. After applying for high enterprise and dual soft certification, enterprises can enjoy national tax relief and policy capital support(The highest reward of high-level government is 2 million yuan)And other preferential policies!In addition, in the game industry, one of the preconditions for a game to be put on the shelf is that it must have software copyright.

1. Blockchain hotel management application platform

  The application discloses a hotel management method,Device and blockchain node server,The method includes:Receive the check-in request of the customer to check in the hotel;Push the demand information in the check-in request to the service personnel;Receiving the order receiving information confirmed by the service personnel;Generate transaction information according to check-in request and receipt information;Check in and check in;After receiving the check-out information from the customer,Upload transaction information to blockchain,So that the blockchain can execute the preset smart contract and complete the profit sharing.This application regards the service personnel as partners,In customer,The service staff reached a transaction agreement with the hotel operator,At the end of the transaction, the profit sharing will be carried out for the service personnel and the hotel operator according to the profit sharing,This application fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of service personnel by taking service personnel as partners,To effectively improve the service quality and management efficiency of the hotel.

2. Blockchain cross-border e-commerce platform

  Recently, the emergence of blockchain technology can authenticate the network information security through its own distributed nodes, It has greatly improved the security of cross-border e-commerce payment, Optimized the whole process of cross-border e-commerce payment transactions, It has improved the level of cross-border e-commerce development,However, the application of blockchain technology in cross-border e-commerce payment needs to be further explored, To promote the development of cross-border e-commerce at a higher level.

3. Blockchain cross border payment system

   Blockchain as distributed data storage,Point to point transmission,Integrated application of consensus mechanism and other technologies,Its research has become a hot spot,Applications extend to the Internet of things,Payment and other fields,It may trigger a new round of technological innovation and industrial change.This paper analyzes the characteristics of payment system and cross-border payment industry"Pain point"Analyze,Study the advantages of blockchain technology in the field of cross-border payment,And with Ripple Status quo of blockchain cross-border payment application represented by,It also puts forward the regulatory challenges brought by cross-border payment based on blockchain technology.

4. Blockchain medical electronic medical record APP

  stay"internet+"times,Using blockchain technology to strengthen hospital integrity service system.method:Apply blockchain technology to medical electronic medical record management,Disease management,Payment management during diagnosis and treatment,Medical consumables and drug supply chain management.result:The characteristics of blockchain technology can technically ensure the accuracy of network data,So as to improve the integrity of the hospital.conclusion:Apply blockchain technology to medical services,It can effectively strengthen the integrity of hospital services.

5. Blockchain supply chain financial system

  Through the investigation of representative enterprises of Supply Chain Finance,Analyze supply chain financial operation and service mode,Development status and development bottleneck,Summarize the trust reconstruction of supply chain finance enabled by blockchain technology,Development model and problems,Put forward optimization ideas and strategies,That is to build a digital twin system corresponding to logistics,Cultivate the credit of small and micro enterprises,Increase real-time risk monitoring,Dynamic credit evaluation,Asset bidding adaptation,System modules such as data warehouse and government supervision interface,Application of new supply chain financial platform,So as to give better play to the market incentive mechanism,Standardize the operation and supervision of supply chain finance,Realize credit in the industrial chain,Quantification of contractual elements such as reputation,Delivery and trading,Form a new framework for the development of supply chain finance in the digital economy environment;meanwhile,The government should actively use the new blockchain encryption technology,optimization,Improve regulatory capacity.

6. Blockchain data uplink software platform

  The present disclosure provides a blockchain based data uplink storage method,Data storage and use starts from data uplink saving,Apply with data,to examine,Access is the main line of application,And distribute points with,The payment of points shall be carried out in coordination,Realize the storage and circulation of data on the blockchain,It realizes the data preservation and use mechanism of the whole process throughout the whole data use cycle,And with data HASH Verification based,Ensure the safety and accuracy of data;Relying on blockchain technology platform,Focus on data storage and data use,Take points as the measurement standard of data value,Stored as data,Apply for access,Application review,Access record is the management and control mechanism of the whole process of business process,It effectively ensures the safe storage of data and better business support;It provides sufficient data to support possible medical disputes in the future.

7. Blockchain privacy protection system

  The invention discloses a blockchain privacy protection system in the field of computer information technology,To solve the problem of privacy protection defects of the existing blockchain,The technical scheme includes Pailler(PAYE)system,Use threshold(p,t)password,Private key sk Divide p block(namely sk1,sk2......skp),When decrypting ciphertext, at least t1 Private keys;Set a transfer out account on the basis of private key generation n Anonymous sets,Then select the name of the anonymous set a Account as transfer in account,rest n1 As a random trading account,Right a When sending the account address,At the same time, for 0 to n1 Send random addresses to multiple accounts,Complete the encryption without changing the ciphertext balance a Account transactions.Utilization of this technical scheme Pailler The protocol is partially anonymous,Then connect the anonymous transfer out accounts to the anonymous set respectively,Simultaneous data transmission for all anonymous sets,Avoid user information or transaction information being intercepted.

8. Blockchain game data storage system

  Aiming at the problems of high operating costs and dependence on third parties in traditional cloud storage systems,A data storage system based on blockchain technology is proposed,The system takes blockchain as the underlying support of distributed cloud storage,Provide secure distributed data storage through keyword search services. In this storage system,The user encrypts the data and uploads it to the cloud node,At the same time, encryption technology is used to ensure data availability,The system supports private keyword search for encrypted data sets. The user has authorization rights,Give others access to search user data. Comparison with existing cloud storage data systems,The system can provide anonymous, low-cost and trusted third-party cloud storage services.

9. Blockchain judicial deposit system

  For the integrity of electronic data evidence,To be proved,Authenticity and other issues,This paper analyzes that the original carrier can not be verified in the judicial deposit of electronic data in China,Data is easily tampered with,The review needs to be professional,In order to promote the construction of China's blockchain judicial deposit system,From the collection of litigation evidence,Store,Transmission mode,This paper expounds the feasibility and necessity of blockchain certificate deposit,The combination of judicial deposit and blockchain technology is studied,Optimized the current electronic data storage system,It has promoted the progress of China's justice in electronic data storage.

10. Blockchain traceability software platform

 Aiming at the difficulty of data traceability in enterprise information system,A method of using blockchain system as a third-party platform to manage data flow is proposed.This paper focuses on the application value of blockchain technology in enterprise data traceability,The business architecture of information data traceability platform based on blockchain is designed,Describes the use of RAFT As the principle of consensus algorithm,It aims to provide reference for building enterprise information system based on blockchain.

11. Blockchain copyright protection system

  At present, domestic digital copyright protection methods still remain in the initial state of copyright registration,It has little effect on infringement detection and protection of the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners.Blockchain technology is decentralized,Decentralization of blockchain Technology,Openness and information anonymity can not be tampered with, which can more effectively protect digital copyright.

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