Configuring Maven skills in Eclipse

Configuring Maven in Eclipse

Specify the path to configure and install maven

Mavan local warehouse with Eclipse:

Instead of the warehouse and setting we configured, you can also use the default one

relation setting.xml file

to configure setting.xml , plus Alibaba proxy image
It will be slow to download jar directly from the address of the central warehouse abroad, so we need to download it by proxy

<!-- Alibaba proxy image address -->
	<name>aliyun maven</name>


Add Tomcat plug-in
It is very troublesome to manually add the dynamic web project to wabapp of tomcat, which is not efficient in the development process. At this time, we can integrate Tomcat plug-ins in the project to quickly deploy and run.

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""

		<!-- the reason being that web The project needs servlet -->
		<!-- -->

			<!-- tomcat plug-in unit -->
					<!-- Port number -->
					<!-- /Indicates access path omits project name -->
					<!-- Set encoding method -->



Type: tomcat7:run and run
Downloading some resources for the first time will be slow.

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