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A workspace is a directory corresponding to a specific project

src store source code

pkg code package

bin executable


A code set that can call functions in a package by using the package name. Function name.

Test case:

Writing format:
Filename: _test.go end
 Guide Package: testing
 Test function parameter (t *testing.T)

The test case will execute all functions under the current package and print the error information with t.Error.

go test will not print success information by default. We can use the - v parameter to display details.

package gotest
import (
func Division(a, b float64) (float64, error) {
	if b == 0 {
		return 0, errors.New("Divisor cannot be 0")
	return a / b, nil
// Go test'u test.go'must end with'u test.go '
package gotest
import "testing"

func Test_Division_1(t *testing.T) {
	if i, e := Division(6, 2); i != 3 || e != nil { //try a unit test on function
		t.Error("Division function test failed") // If it's not as expected, report an error.
	} else {
		t.Log("The first test passed") //Record some information you want to record

func Test_Division_2(t *testing.T) {
	t.Error("It just doesn't work.")

func Test_Division_3(t *testing.T) {
	if _, e := Division(6, 0); e == nil { //try a unit test on function
		t.Error("Division did not work as expected.") // If it's not as expected, report an error.
	} else {
		t.Log("one test passed.", e) //Record some information you want to record
$ go test -v
=== RUN   Test_Division_1
--- PASS: Test_Division_1 (0.00s)
        gotest_test.go:9: The first test passed
=== RUN   Test_Division_2
--- FAIL: Test_Division_2 (0.00s)
        gotest_test.go:14: It just doesn't work.
=== RUN   Test_Division_3
--- PASS: Test_Division_3 (0.00s)
        gotest_test.go:21: one test passed. Divisor cannot be0
exit status 1
FAIL    target/1.Test case       0.002s

GOPATH settings:

window: setting in environment variable

linux: set up the. bashrc file (user). profile (system)

Generally, you can set the under the user directory or under the root user.

#Put it at the end of the file, not in if
export GOPATH="/home/cz/go"
export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"

Compile run program:

build      	Compile packages and dependency Libraries
clean       Delete object files and cached files
doc        	Document showing package or symbol
env         promise Go environmental information
bug         start-up bug Presentation
fix         Update package to use new APIs
fmt         gofmt (Reformat) Package source code
generate    By processing source code generation Go file
get         Download and install packages and dependencies
install     Compile and install packages and dependencies
list        list packages
run         Compile and run Go program
test        Test package
tool        Run the specifiedgotool
version     Printing Go Version information
vet         Report possible errors in the package

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