Hadoop environment configuration (Linux virtual machine)

Hadoop environment configuration (Linux virtual machine)

This semester, I chose the course of big data management and analysis, which mainly uses Hadoop framework for data analysis and application development. First, I will configure the environment

be careful

  1. It's better to put JDK and Hadoop under / usr/local

  2. When adding environment variables, you can add them to / etc/profile

    Or follow the link w3cshcool Configuration of teaching materials (strongly recommended)

Environmental requirements

Installation of stand-alone Hadoop

Install JDK




sudo nautilus
A folder with permissions will be opened

Recommended download Bin file instead of RPM bin

Then install


Configure JDK

Open the / etc/profile file with vim or vi

vim /etc/profile

Click the keyboard i to edit;

Paste the following contents to the end;

export JAVA_HOME=/home/java/jdk1.6.0_23
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
export CLASSPATH=.:$JAVA_HOME/lib/dt.jar:$JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar

Then esc

Then enter


Save exit and enter

source /etc/profile 

Final verification

java -version

Download and install Hadoop



Download and unzip

Then test for availability

./bin/hadoop version   #  View hadoop version information

After two hours of DeBug, it's finally ready

  1. Changed the JDK version to jdk1 8.0_ one hundred and seventy-one

  2. Then remember to source /etc/profile after changing / etc/profile

    source is required for both roles, and then it's OK~

  3. Don't forget to revise this sh file

    Then you can display the version number of Hadoop normally

Configure SSH

In order to ensure the security of remote management of Hadoop nodes and user shared access between Hadoop nodes, SSH (Secure Shell Protocol) needs to be configured.

In stand-alone mode, no daemon is required, so SSH setting is not required. However, SSH settings are required under single machine pseudo distribution or cluster distribution

So jump first for the time being

Configure Hadoop environment

  1. Is to change java_home that's already said above

  2. The configuration file of Hadoop is conf / core site xml cof/hdfs-site. XML and conf / mapred site xml

    Including core site XML is the global configuration file, followed by the configuration file of HDFS and the configuration file of MapReduce.

  3. The core site needs to be modified XML and HDFS site xml

    The core site code is as follows

                 <description>Abase for other temporary directories.</description>

    HD FS site is as follows


    The effect is as follows: modify the file by yourself, that is, the file address of hadoop-2.10.0. Others do not need to be changed

Hadoop operation

  1. Initialize node

    ./bin/hdfs namenode -format
  2. If it appears, it means success. Otherwise, the possible reasons are shown in address

  3. Continue typing/ sbin/start-dfs.sh

  4. I found that I asked you to enter the password (it doesn't seem to work, but I don't know why)

  5. Therefore, SSH configuration is required

    sudo apt-get update  #First step
    sudo apt-get install ssh  #Step two
    sudo apt-get install pdsh  #third       
  6. Generate key pair

    ssh-keygen -t rsa # Then enter all the way
    # It will be saved in by default ssh/id_ In RSA file


  1. # Enter first ssh directory, and then
    cp id_rsa.pub authorized_keys
    # Go on
    ssh localhost





You can complete authentication and login

# The default port number for accessing Hadoop is 50070 Use the following URL to get Hadoop services on the browser.
# The default port number for all applications accessing the cluster is 8088 Use the following URL to access this service.

Some problems

  1. This means that Hadoop nodes are already running when starting Hadoop, so you need to stop all Hadoop services before restarting Hadoop. Then resume normal startup.

    Hadoop nodes are already running when starting Hadoop, so you need to stop all Hadoop services before restarting Hadoop. Then resume normal startup.



    Then restart

    Note the input here

  2. https://www.w3cschool.cn/hadoop/hadoop_enviornment_setup.html

Finally, this link is the hadoop tutorial of w3school. It feels good and can be configured completely according to this.

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