hadoop pseudo-distributed installation process

1. Create a virtual machine memory settings first It's best to be larger or not to have fun My settings are 100g and then the memory threads are configured on their own computer.

2. Then configure the file to install jdk What is preceded by a written shell script that you can use directly or configure yourself

3. Download the hadoop installation package when you are ready

4. My downloads are already downloaded and placed in the / opt directory first.

5. Then unzip the file

Tar-zxf hadoop-2.6.0-cdh5.14.2.tar.gz Unzip Where to Choose My Own Is Unzipped to Created

/opt/soft/hadoop260 folder

6. Configure environment after decompression is complete

vi /etc/profile

#hadoop environment
export HADOOP_HOME=/opt/soft/hadoop260

Then paste the configuration file in

Then source/etc/proflie makes the file valid

7. Open the unzipped hadoop package and enter the hadoop file in the etc directory

cd etc/hadoop/

Edit the hadoop-env.sh directory Add your jdk file directory My jdk files are unzipped and placed in the soft directory

8.Configuration vi core-site.xml Add the following configuration file to configuration or it will not take effect


9. vi hdfs-site.xml 


10.cp mapred-site.xml.template mapred-site.xml Copy the file and modify it

11. vi mapred-site.xml


12.vi yarn-site.xml


13.hadoop namenode-format format file

14.start-all.sh Startup File will keep you entering your password This password is a virtual secret code because ssh is not configured I will configure it later.

Start file until end

15 Enter jps view task

See how to start these 5 tasks even if you have successfully configured them.

If errors occur during this period, you can check the log files in the log directory to see where the errors are.

16 stop-all.sh Close File View jps Task Close All before configuring ssh

Create public key first


You can see for yourself what it looks like


Then enter ssh-copy-id root@own host name and re-enter the password ssh hc to see if the last login appears and the configuration is successful

exit Exit

Configure it all. Play happily.

Keywords: Big Data Hadoop

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