Insert pdf file in latex

I want to insert PDF or doc file as appendix in my latex file. Do you know what I do?

#1 building


#2 building

Use pdfpages Bag.


To include all pages in a PDF file:


First page of PDF only:


Run texdoc pdfpages in the shell to see the full manual of pdfpages.

#3 building

I don't think there will be an automatic way. You may also need to add page numbers to the appendix correctly. If you already have a PDF document with multiple pages, you must first extract the PDF document of each page using Adobe Acrobat Professional and save each page as a separate PDF file. Then, you must include the image base of each PDF document as the previous page (each page), and use NEWPAGE, G,

\section{Quiz 1}\label{sec:Quiz}
\begin{figure}[htp] \centering{
\caption{Experiment 1}

\section{Sample paper}\label{sec:Sample}
\begin{figure}[htp] \centering{
\caption{Experiment 2}

Now each page displays a pdf image, with the correct page number at the bottom. As my example shows, you must use the scale factor for each image to fit the correct size of a single page. I hope it helps

#4 building

To put the entire pdf in your file instead of just one page, use:



#5 building

There is an add-on package that does not work under pdflatex

Adjust this code

    \caption{Schematical view of Spearman's theory.}

"Diagramma Spearman. pdf" is a graph generated with TikZ, which is the code (it is another. tex file, different from the. tex file I want to insert pdf)

\newcommand{\at}{\makeatletter @\makeatother}


\tikzset{venn circle/.style={draw,circle,minimum width=5cm,fill=#1,opacity=1}}
\node [venn circle = none, name path=A] (A) at (45:2cm) { };
\node [venn circle = none, name path=B] (B) at (135:2cm) { };
\node [venn circle = none, name path=C] (C) at (225:2cm) { };
\node [venn circle = none, name path=D] (D) at (315:2cm) { };
\node[above right] at (barycentric cs:A=1) {logical}; 
\node[above left] at (barycentric cs:B=1) {mechanical}; 
\node[below left] at (barycentric cs:C=1) {spatial}; 
\node[below right] at (barycentric cs:D=1) {arithmetical}; 
\node at (0,0) {G};    


This is the chart I included

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