IO input / output stream

IO stream

What is iO?

IO is read and write to memory

Both input and output are referenced relative to memory

1 Classification by flow direction

Going to memory is called input, or read

Coming out of memory is called output, or write

2. Different data reading methods

Byte stream

Reading 1 byte is equivalent to 8 binary bits. It can read any type, music and picture

Character stream

Read plain text file

The four top streams are all directly inherited objects

InputStream (byte stream)

OutputStream (byte stream)

Reader (character stream)

Writer (character stream)

Form a good habit. When the flow runs out, it must be closed, otherwise it will consume a lot of resources

close() and flush()

The close () method has four top streams

All output streams are refreshable. There is a flush () method to forcibly output the non output data

File Exclusive

FileInputStream (byte stream)

● int read() reads one byte at a time. Memory and hard disk interact frequently

Return byte value

● int read (byte [] b) reads b.length bytes at a time to improve execution efficiency

Number of bytes returned

byte []bytes = new byte[4];
int len =0;
while ((!=-1){     System.out.print(new String(bytes,0,len));
}//Read byte array length values at a time

Fileoutputstream (byte stream)

int res =0;
byte []bytes =new byte[3];
while ((!=-1){    fos.write(bytes,0, res);}
//Write out byte array values at a time
File copy

When copying, you can copy any file type

fis = new FileInputStream("src/com/IO/myfile");
fos = new FileOutputStream("src/com/IO/myfile_out");
int res =0;
byte []bytes =new byte[3];
while ((!=-1){    fos.write(bytes,0, res);}

FileReader (character stream)

● good at reading ordinary text files

fr = new FileReader("src/com/IO/myfile");
char []chars = new char[1024];
int res = 0;
while ((!=-1){   System.out.println(new String(chars,0,res));}

Filewriter (character stream)

● good at outputting ordinary text documents

Note: if append is true, the contents of the file will be cleared before writing

fw = new FileWriter("src/com/IO/myfile",true);
//Continue exporting after the contents of the source file
char []chars {'I','yes','in','country','people'};

Convert stream (bytes – > characters)


When the reader type needs to be passed in, but there is actually an Inputstream that can be converted through the conversion stream

BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream("src/com/IO/myfile")));


When the Writer type needs to be passed in, but there is actually an Outputstream, it can be converted through the conversion stream

BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new InputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream("src/com/IO/myfile")));

Buffer stream exclusive


You do not need to define byte/char arrays yourself

new needs to pass in the reader, but the reader is an abstract class. You can pass in the subclass FileReader

● readLine() method

Read a line of data without line breaks

FileReader read  =newFileReader("src/com/IO/myfile");
//Node flow 
BufferedReader bf = new BufferedReader(read);//Packaging flow  
String line = null;
while ((line = bf.readLine())!=null){     System.out.println(line); }







Data flow exclusive





Standard output stream



Object specific flow


Reads the instantiated object information of the class stored in the specified file into memory

 ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream(new  FileInputStream("students"));  
 Object obj = ois.readObject();    System.out.println(obj);   


When we need to realize the persistent storage of information, we can write the instantiated object information of a class out of the specified file

Note: the customized class sequence requires this class to implement the Serializable interface, which is only an identification and does not contain any methods

When serialized, each class generates a unique serial versionuid

Student student1 = new Student("zs", 18);  
ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(new FileOutputStream("students"));       out.writeObject(student1);
}}class Student implements Serializable

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