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laf.js is a set of out of the box, complete, open source, cloud development framework based on serverless mode and js programming.

With the familiar js, you can easily handle the overall business of the front and back ends, and the front end becomes the whole stack in seconds.

laf.js Let every developer have their own cloud development platform at any time!

AC QQ group: 603059673 Officially launched! Direct online experience, Create now laf cloud development application service!

Developers are free to Quickly create your own application on the, don't care about server deployment and operation and maintenance, immediately have application independent domain name and HTTPS certificate, and quickly go online!

Developers can deploy a set of laf cloud development platform on private servers, which can easily Move the applications in to their own laf cloud development platform to run!

primary coverage

  • Provide cloud function engine, file storage, data access strategy, trigger, WebSocket and other capabilities, out of the box, online application in 5 minutes, and the front-end becomes the whole stack in seconds
  • Front end available laf-client-sdk The "direct connection" database does not need to interface with the server
  • There is also a Flutter SDK less-api-client , fast online application
  • Support h5, applet, uni app, fluent and other client environments
  • Provide cloud development console, manage cloud functions, files, databases, remote deployment and logs online, write and debug cloud functions online, and intelligently prompt IDE

Initial heart scene

  • It is used for rapid development of MVP, focusing on client business and greatly reducing the workload of server development
  • Build your own controllable cloud development platform

Who is suitable for use?

Cloud development users

If you like the fast experience of wechat cloud development, but do not want to be limited to the limitations of specific platforms such as wechat, you can build your own cloud development platform based on LaF;

  • laf.js is also the only known open source cloud development platform, with more confident technology selection, more controllable risk and easier scene expansion
  • Self built cloud development allows you to get a fast cloud development experience without worrying about migrating the platform when selecting technology

Individual developers and start-up teams

Based on LAF JS can greatly reduce the number of service-side API s;

According to our practical experience, 90% of the service API can be saved in the initial stage;

Focus on the product business itself, quickly launch the minimum available product (MVP), and quickly verify the product and market.

Software Developer

There will be no need to hire java engineers or php development engineers;

The development efficiency has been greatly improved, and the online and iterative speed has been greatly accelerated;

It can completely deliver the source code of the whole cloud development framework and private network deployment;

Running screenshot

Application List

Cloud function list

Online development of cloud functions

Cloud storage: File Management

Cloud database: Data Management

Cloud database: access policy

Remote deployment

Collaboration member


Rapid deployment LAF JS service

Rapid deployment based on Docker Compose requires you to be familiar with docker and the use of Docker Compose

Install Docker (CentOS)

This example only gives the installation script under CentOS. If installing other environments, please refer to the official documents

sudo yum install -y yum-utils
sudo yum-config-manager \
    --add-repo \

sudo yum install docker-ce docker-ce-cli
sudo systemctl start docker

You also need to install docker compose @ see

Start service (docker compose)
git clone

# There are more deployment scripts in this directory for production deployment
cd laf/deploy/docker-compose

docker network create laf_shared_network --driver bridge || true
docker pull lafyun/app-service:latest

# Start all services
docker-compose up

# Browser open visit

Development environment (developer)

# install dependencies
npm install

# bootstrap packages
npx lerna bootstrap

# build & watch packages
npm run build && npm run watch

# create a shared network in docker
docker network create laf_shared_network --driver bridge || true

# download the app service image
docker pull lafyun/app-service:latest

# launch laf.js services
docker-compose up

# start laf.js local client
cd packages/system-client
npm run dev
# Now open in your browsers!

test case

Start mongodb test container

docker run --rm -p 27018:27017 --name mongotest -d mongo

Run test

# Run test cases
npx mocha ./packages/*/tests/**/*.test.js

# Clear test container
docker rm -f mongotest

By Maslow (, laf.js Author. Open source cloud development platform, the front end becomes the full stack, and there is no need for the server.

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