[Linux] About Setup and Configuration of Transmission Download Server

1. Introduction to Transmission

Transmission is a powerful BT tool that understands nature. Currently, several versions of the website are available for download, including Mac, GTK+, QT, and Daemon.
Transmission supports features such as DHT, Magnet Link, uTP, and PEX. In particular, it is important to support Magnet Link magnetic link downloads, as many of the resources on the web are now shared in this way, rather than traditional. torrent files, such as TPB, BTDigg.
Under linux, the Transmission package contains several suites:

  • transmission-gtk: GTK+ interface client.
  • transmission-qt: QT interface client.
  • transmission-cli: Command line BT client.
  • transmission-daemon: A Transmission daemon with no operational instructions and can only be controlled by a Web client or transmission-remote-cli. This program is especially suitable for installing on servers or embedded systems, as well as some devices that do not have a display.
  • transmission-remote-cli: The command suite used to control transmission-daemon does not have the ability to download BT itself and can only be used with daemon.

Just install transmission-daemon as needed.

2. Transmission Installation

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

root@NanoPi-M4v2:~# apt-get install transmission-daemon
 Reading package list... complete
 Analyzing package dependency tree
 Reading status information... complete
 The following packages are automatically installed and are no longer needed:
 Use'apt autoremove'To uninstall it(they). 
The following software will be installed simultaneously:
  libminiupnpc10 libnatpmp1 transmission-cli transmission-common
 Recommended installation:
  minissdpd natpmpc transmission-gtk
 The following [new] packages will be installed:
  libminiupnpc10 libnatpmp1 transmission-cli transmission-common transmission-daemon
 Upgraded 0 packages, installed 5 new packages, to uninstall 0 packages, 7 packages were not upgraded.
One package was not fully installed or uninstalled.
771 Download Required kB Archive of.
3 will be consumed after decompression,722 kB Extra space.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y

go to Official Web Configuration Instructions

Profile directory:

settings.jsonPrimary profile to set daemon parameters, including RPC username password configuration. Its soft link points to/etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json. Configuration Instructions
torrents/: User store. The directory of torrent seed files, any seeds added to the download task, is stored here. The torrent name contains the name of the seed file itself and the SHA1 HASH value of the seed.
resume/: It's time to store it. Resume file,. The resume file contains information about a seed, such as which parts of the file were downloaded, where the downloaded data is stored, and so on.
blocklists/: Stores the address of the blocked peer.

A user named debian-transmission is created by default to run transmission-daemon exclusively.

Note: If another user is used to run transmission-daemon, one will be created in that user's directory. A folder of config/transmission-daemon where there are separate settings. The JSON configuration file configures the daemon process for this user and the download directory changes to $HOME/Download.

    # start-up
    sudo service transmission-daemon start
    # Stop it
    sudo service transmission-daemon stop

View process: PS aux | grep'transmission-daemon'

3. Transmission configuration

Configuration file: /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/settings.json

  • Note: When editing the Transmission configuration file, you need to shut down the daemon process first.

Configure RPC

Both the Web interface and the CLI interact through the RPC protocol and daemon. At settings. There are several RPC-related parameters in json:

rpc-authentication-required: Boolean (default = false)
rpc-bind-address: String (default = "") Where to listen for RPC connections
rpc-enabled: Boolean (default = true)
rpc-password: String
rpc-port: Number (default = 9091)
rpc-url: String (default = /transmission/. Added in v2.2)
rpc-username: String
rpc-whitelist: String (Comma-delimited list of IP addresses. Wildcards allowed using ''. Example: "127.0.0.,192.168..", Default: "" )
rpc-whitelist-enabled: Boolean (default = true)

Modify Profile

sudo vim /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/settings.json
#Modify the following parameters
    "rpc-authentication-required": true
    "rpc-bind-address": "", 
    "rpc-enabled": true, 
    "rpc-password": "123456", 	#Logon Password
    "rpc-port": 9091, 	#port
    "rpc-url": "/transmission/", 
    "rpc-username": "transmission", 	#User name
    "rpc-whitelist": "*", 			#Whitelist, IP can also be specified
    "rpc-whitelist-enabled": true, 

Note: Daemon automatically detects password settings when daemon is started. If a password configuration change is found, daemon automatically calculates the HASH value of the modified password and replaces the plain text password in the configuration file with this HASH value, which is safer.
After entering service transmission-daemon start to start the program, open settings.json, you see that the rpc-password item is changed to a HASH value.
"rpc-password": "{5f4bd5498bddd9aa2ad8f4d475dcebe23e9d8c8bsorspnUE",

Configure other parameters

settings.json also has many parameters to configure, including upload/download speed limits, DHT configuration, port settings, etc. specific Move Official Web

4. Control Transmission daemon using the Web interface

With the above configuration, we can access and control Transmission daemon through the Web interface. Enter the following address in your browser http://<your. Server. Ip. Addr>: 9091/
The browser prompts you to enter the user name and password you just configured to successfully log on to the Web administration interface, as shown in the following figure:

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