Linux GUI script zenity

Zenty can help you create common gtk + dialog boxes using scripts.
1. Use calendar controls:

szDate=$(zenity --calendar --text "Pick a day" --title "Medical Leave" --day 13 --month 5 
--year 2010); echo $szDate

2. Create an Entry dialog:

szAnswer=$(zenity --entry --text "where are you?" --entry-text "at home"); echo $szAnswer

3. Create an error dialog:

zenity --error --text "Installation failed! "

4. Create an Info dialog:

zenity --info --text "Join us at #lbe."

5. Create a file selection dialog:

szSavePath=$(zenity --file-selection --save --confirm-overwrite);echo $szSavePath

6. Create a notification dialog:

zenity  --notification  --window-icon=update.png  --text "Please update your system."

7. Create a progress dialog:

gksudo lsof | tee >(zenity --progress --pulsate) >lsof.txt

8. Create a question dialog:

zenity --question --text "Are you sure you want to shutdown?"; echo $?

9. Create a warning dialog:

zenity --warning --text "This will kill, are you sure?";echo $?

10. Create a sliding scale dialog:

ans=$(zenity --scale --text "pick a number" --min-value=2 --max-value=100 --value=2 
--step 2);echo $ans

11. Create a text message dialog:

gksudo lsof | zenity --text-info --width 530

12. Create a list dialog:

ans=$(zenity  --list  --text "Is helpful?" --radiolist  --column "Pick" 
--column "Opinion" TRUE Amazing FALSE Average FALSE "Difficult to follow" FALSE "Not helpful"); 
echo $ans


ans=$(zenity  --list  --text "How linux.byexamples can be improved?" --checklist  
--column "Pick" --column "options" TRUE "More pictures" TRUE "More complete post" FALSE "
Includes Installation guidelines" FALSE "Create a forum for question queries" 
--separator=":"); echo $ans

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