Platform of beauty and skin care based on Flask framework

1, Development tools

This platform uses Python programming language, uses Flask and Bootstrap framework, develops under Windows 10 operating system, uses Pycharm development environment, front-end development uses HTML+CSS+JS mode, database uses MySQL database, browser uses Google Chrome.

2, Demand summary

3, Use case diagram

4, Functional module diagram

5, Database design

This platform uses Navicat database software to create rainbow database, which mainly involves user information, cosmetics information, evaluation information and other entities, and provides the structure design of key tables in the database. There are 33 datasheets in the beauty and skin care platform, including 11 main datasheets, i.e. commodity, commodity test main, commodity test subtitle, commodity comment, dynamic, dynamic comment, journal (journal information table), journal_comment (Journal comment information table), search (search keyword information table), user (user information table).

6, Detailed design

Homepage design

Among them, the implementation code of rotation animation is as follows:

function timeout(s,c,i,content){
      inter = setTimeout(function () {
      change_text[i].innerText += content[s][c];
      }, 200*c); }
function createInteral(content,cb,m) {
      change_text[m].innerText = '';
      for (let t in content) {
         for (let index = 0; index < content[t].length; index++) {
            cb(t,index,m,content); } } }

Personal information page

The main codes of user modification data are as follows:

if u and u['user_id'] and u['user_nickname'] and u['user_phone'] and u['user_age'] and u['user_autograpgh']:
nn = getUserByName(u['user_nickname'])
rr = getUserById(u['user_id'])
       if rr['user_phone'] == u['user_phone']:
           res = updateUserMessage(u)
       else: mm = getUserByTel(u['user_phone'])
           if mm: return {"status_code": "10002", "status_text": "User already exists"}
           else: res = updateUserMessage(u)

Cosmetics search page

Users can search through popular keywords, but also multi criteria search.

if k['keyword'] and k['etp'] and k['condition']:
        res = searchByProductBrands(k)
    elif k['keyword'] and k['etp']:
        res = searchByProductBrand(k)
        return {"status_code": "40005", "status_text": "Illegal data format"}
    if res:
        for i in res:
            i['commodity_date'] = str(i['commodity_date'])
        return res

Storage box page

Leaderboard query page

The real-time hot spots in leaderboards are based on the number of user clicks

client = POOL.connection()
    hot_cosmetics = None
    cursor = client.cursor(cursor=pymysql.cursors.DictCursor)
    sql = search_sql['hotCosmetics']
    hot_cosmetics = cursor.fetchall()

Make up details page

Evaluation release page

    if con.get('title') and con.get('content') and con.get('img') and con.get('tag') and con.get('title1') and con.get('content1') and con.get('title2') and con.get('content2'):
    tag = toStr(con['tag'])
    con['tag'] = tag
    com_id = get_Com(con['com'])
    con['com_id'] = com_id
    res = graphicTest(con)

7, References

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