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7 Internet

Internet access


urllib is a Python module for opening URL s.

import urllib.request
# open a connection to a URL using urllib
webUrl  = urllib.request.urlopen('')

#get the result code and print it
print ("result code: " + str(webUrl.getcode()))

# read the data from the URL and print it
data =
print (data)


json is a lightweight data exchange format inspired by JavaScript object literal syntax. It is the most popular data exchange format on the Internet.

json exposes API s familiar to users of the standard library Marshall and pickle modules.

>>> import json
>>> json.dumps(['foo', {'bar': ('baz', None, 1.0, 2)}])
'["foo", {"bar": ["baz", null, 1.0, 2]}]'
>>> print(json.dumps("\"foo\bar"))
>>> print(json.dumps('\u1234'))
>>> print(json.dumps('\\'))
>>> print(json.dumps({"c": 0, "b": 0, "a": 0}, sort_keys=True))
{"a": 0, "b": 0, "c": 0}
>>> from io import StringIO
>>> io = StringIO()
>>> json.dump(['streaming API'], io)
>>> io.getvalue()
'["streaming API"]'

Reference material


XML is the extensible markup language. It aims to store and transmit small amount of data, and is widely used to share structured information.

import xml.dom.minidom

doc = xml.dom.minidom.parse("test.xml");

# print out the document node and the name of the first child tag
print (doc.nodeName)
print (doc.firstChild.tagName)
# get a list of XML tags from the document and print each one
expertise = doc.getElementsByTagName("expertise")
print ("{} expertise:".format(expertise.length))
for skill in expertise:

# create a new XML tag and add it into the document
newexpertise = doc.createElement("expertise")
newexpertise.setAttribute("name", "BigData")
print (" ")

expertise = doc.getElementsByTagName("expertise")
print ("{} expertise:".format(expertise.length))
for skill in expertise:
    print (skill.getAttribute("name"))

ElementTree is an easy way to work with XML files.

import xml.dom.minidom
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

tree = ET.parse('items.xml')
root = tree.getroot()

# all items data
print('Expertise Data:')

for elem in root:
   for subelem in elem:

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