QT event handling

  1. Mouse events

    Mouse events include mouse movement, mouse button press, release, click, and double-click.
    Include header file when using < qmouseevent >
    The mouse movement event response is realized by redefining mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e) function

    e->x();e->y(); // Get the relative position of the mouse  

    The mouse press event response is realized by redefining the mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *e) function

    if(e->button()==Qt::LeftButton)   // Qt::RightButton right click Qt::MidButton middle key
        statusBar()->showMessage(tr("Left key:")+str);

    The mouse release event response is implemented by redefining the mouserelease event (qmouseevent * e) function
    The mouse double click event response is realized by redefining mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *e) function
    This - > setmousetracking (true); / / form tracking mouse. True is tracking, false is not tracking

  2. Keyboard events

    When using, include the header file < qkeyevent >
    Implemented by redefining keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent *) and keyReleaseEvent(QKeyEvent *)

    // QT:: a series of modifier keys defined by keyboardmodifier
    // Qt::ControlModifier [Ctrl]
    // Qt::NoModifier has no modifier key
    // Qt::AltModifier [Alt] key
    // QT:: metamodifier meta key, usually available on Linux keyboard
    // Qt::KeypadModifier keypad key
        if(event->key()==Qt::Key_Left)                            // Assembly Ctrl left key combination
    else								//Processing of not pressing the Ctrl key
  3. Event filtering
    Main function, function prototype

    void QObject::installEventFilter(QObject * filterObj);// Add event filter
    void QObject::removeEventFilter(QObject * filterObj); // Remove event filtering
    bool eventFilter(QObject *watched, QEvent *event);    // Event filter function. If it is filtered, it returns true; otherwise, it returns false


    // Add filter event
    // Event filter function
    bool EventFilter::eventFilter(QObject *watched, QEvent *event)
        if(watched==label1)			//First, judge the object of the current event
            // Determine the type of event
                // Convert event to mouse event
                QMouseEvent *mouseEvent=(QMouseEvent *)event;
                /* The following are displayed according to the key type of the mouse */
                    stateLabel->setText(tr("Left click to press the left picture"));
                else if(mouseEvent->buttons()&Qt::MidButton)
                    stateLabel->setText(tr("Middle press the left picture"));
                else if(mouseEvent->buttons()&Qt::RightButton)
                    stateLabel->setText(tr("Right click the left picture"));
                /* Show zoomed out pictures */
                QMatrix matrix;
                QImage tmpImg=Image1.transformed(matrix);
            /* Handle the mouse release event and restore the size of the picture */
                stateLabel->setText(tr("Mouse release left picture"));

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