Reading Note 1: soft skills: survivability beyond code

Reading date: 20210414-20210508


1.What I call excellent software developers are those who can control their career, achieve their goals and enjoy life.
2.Once you have figured out what your long-term big goal is, the next step is to formulate a route and small goals leading to the big goal.
If you can drive small goals forward and close to your big goals, you will eventually reach your destination.
3.Sit down and set at least one big goal for your career.
Decompose the big goal into several corresponding small goals,
For example: monthly goal, weekly goal, daily goal. Unload your big goals on the road you have to go through every day,
Three times a day-What am I after.
4.Learn to deal with people. The most important concept you should know is: take yourself as the core, and everyone wants to be important.
Once you belittle others and weaken their sense of achievement, it is like cutting off their oxygen supply to some extent, and the feedback will be complete madness and despair.
When you learn how to interact with others in a pleasant way, your life will become more and more pleasant
5.Plan ahead, expand your social network, and start contacting employees of different companies in this field. They may help you in the future.
By reading and commenting on their blogs, get to know other developers and even recruiters in the field and try to expand your social circle
6.A slow and steady style of doing things usually takes the lead
7.In your career, you often face the choice of more money or more responsibility.
More responsibility is almost always the right choice in the long run.
8.If you remain unknown and your achievements are unknown,
Even if you're the smartest, hardest working and best developer on the team, you're broke.
If you can't find a way to let your boss or senior management know what you're doing, all your efforts will be in vain.
9.Whenever I start a new job, the first thing I do is to keep a log of where I spend my time and what work I finish every day.
I will summarize this information into a weekly summary and send it to my manager every Friday.
I call this weekly. This weekly newspaper ensures that I can be noticed by my manager every week, which is a great way to get attention.
10.Make a speech about the theme or problem the team is currently facing.
In this way, you get attention and show your erudition in a specific field.
In addition, there is no better way to force yourself to learn new things than to show yourself in front of others.
I learned a lot under this pressure.

How to make yourself stand out:
1. Record your activity log every day (send it to the boss)
2. Provide lectures or training
3. Comment –
4. Ensure "exposure" (meet with your boss regularly to ensure that you are often noticed)

11.Don't forget to share what you've learned.
You can share your knowledge through lectures, create your own blog, write articles for magazines or write books,
You can also speak at community events or technical conferences.
External exposure will help you establish your authority in the field.
12.You should be the one who can always find solutions to various problems, and be the one who has the courage to implement these solutions to achieve results.
If you can solve problems that others cannot or do not want to solve, you can easily become the most valuable person in any company.
13.All it takes to be a professional is to stand out, do your job, and not succumb to setbacks.
14.Habits are an essential part of becoming a professional.
Many things we do every day are habitual. Most people don't need to think about getting up, going to work and completing their daily work.
If you want to change your life, start by changing your habits.
15.Make a plan in advance every day to effectively manage the habit of time.
Professionals know what must be done every day and can estimate how long each job will take.
16.Don't rely on willpower to overcome temptation. This lesson applies to many aspects of life. On the contrary, eliminate temptation and you will live a more relaxed life.
17.When you feel really powerless, there is a simple way I often use: sit down, set a 15 minute timer and start working.
18.Many people will choose to retreat in the face of adversity.
But others will bravely face the war when facing the same challenge.
Do all those who choose to stay and fight against difficulties really have full confidence in their success and ability to overcome difficulties? Definitely not,
But many of them have one thing in common--Pretend you can succeed.
You have to be confident in everything you do,
Even when your ability is far from enough, because you have a belief that you can overcome all obstacles.
The only thing between "you now" and "you in the future" is time.
19.The key to successful self marketing is that if you want others to like you and want to work with you, you must provide value to them.
Whether you realize it or not, you are marketing yourself all the time.
When you try to persuade others to accept your idea, you are essentially selling your idea to them.
The problem is: even if we are all selling ourselves, most of us are not consciously doing such a thing.
We give up opportunities and let others and the environment define us.
Self marketing is nothing more than learning how to control the information they want to convey, shape their own image and expand the crowd of information delivery
. All this depends on your ability and how valuable you can bring to others.
The mechanism of self marketing is that if you want people to follow you and listen to you, you must bring them value:
You can provide answers to their questions and even bring them joy.
20.Organizing your thoughts and translating them into words is a difficult but valuable skill.
Writing regularly can help you master this skill. Having good communication skills will benefit you in many areas of life.
21.I strongly recommend you to use it Wordpress
 It is widely used and has a huge ecosystem.
22.There is only one secret to building a successful blog--persevere.
I've talked to many successful bloggers and they all have one thing in common-I have written many blogs.
Some of the most successful bloggers I know blog every day. And it has persisted for many years.
The most important thing is to make a plan and stick to it. Update at least once a week.
Ensure high quality
 Your blog doesn't need to be perfect. At the beginning, your blog is likely to be bad.
However, as we continue to try to contribute excellent content,
Instead of throwing things in your head onto the web,
Regardless of format and structure and a lot of spelling mistakes, you will succeed in the end.
Only publish high-quality content every week. Over time, the quality of your blog will be higher and higher.

My point is: don't worry that you're not good at writing. It doesn't matter that I can't write now. The important thing is that you start writing now and stick to it, and your writing skills will eventually improve over time.

23.What are your favorite developer blogs?
Take a look at the blogs you read and try to list the update frequency of these blogs and the average length of each article.
If you don't have a blog yet, act now. Register today and create your first post.
**Make a schedule and force yourself to blog in the future.
**Create a flowing list of blog post topics.
Whenever you have a new idea, add it to the list.
When you need to write a new blog post, the theme of the article can be handy.
24.Don't try to be a successful person, but try to be a valuable person—— Albert·Einstein
25.If you can help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.
This is a basic strategy that you should use for self marketing. It is more effective than any other method.
Free content is easier to share than paid content. You write blogs, make videos or podcasts, and then provide them for free,
People are more likely to share and disseminate free content than paid content.
Share free content with Twitter It's as simple as posting a link or email.
Free content allows you to reach more target audiences than paid content.
Every time you start doing something, whether it's creating a blog, screenshot video or other activities,
You should look at it from the perspective of how it creates value for others.
You can easily fall into such a trap:**Keep talking about yourself and trying to prove that you are valuable.
However, you will find that you are more likely to succeed if you can solve other people's problems and really help others.
**Nag others about why you are the best in the world Android Developer, it's not good for you,
But if you can help others solve their problems in development Android He'll think you're great if you have problems with the app.
26.It turns out that the most creative people are also the most helpful.
Why? Personally, I think this is the result of a combination of many factors.
The more you help others, the more problems and situations you face, and the more people you can make friends with.
People who always help others solve problems will be more relaxed when solving their own problems,
And when they really encounter obstacles, there will always be a lot of people to help

27. If you don't care how others want to succeed, you must learn to succeed. You must learn how to be fearless of being seen as a fool by others.

The first time you do something that makes you uncomfortable, you may not imagine that one day you will feel so comfortable doing it.
You will mislead yourself into thinking that "this is not for me" or "others have talent in this field, but I don't".
You must learn to overcome this idea and realize that most people need to overcome this discomfort when facing a challenge for the first time,
Especially when they face a group of people.
28.Most people don't do that on this day. They chose to give up early.
They care too much about what others think of themselves and don't try their best to overcome these difficulties, overcome those discomfort and make themselves better
29.If you want to succeed, you must learn to put away your fragile self-esteem, go out bravely, and don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
Every famous actor, musician, professional athlete and public speaker has had bad times,
They consciously chose to get out of the dilemma and do their best. Success will come
. You can't focus on doing something without making progress. You'll gain as long as you stick to it long enough.
Your way of survival is not to care too much. Don't be afraid to be seen as a fool

In my career, I missed more than 9000 shots and lost nearly 300 games. I had 26 chances to win, but I didn't score. I failed again and again. That's why I can succeed—— Michael Jordan

30.It doesn't matter whether it's as careful as slowly adapting to the water temperature or diving into deep water.
The core is to keep moving forward. You may feel unwell, you may be frightened or even frightened, but all this will pass.
If you are willing to persevere and face the challenges ahead,
If you don't mind being seen as a fool in the short term, you will succeed where most people fail. I promise all this is worth it.
Make yourself brave. Today is your big day.
Go out and do something that scares you. It doesn't matter whether it's big or small, forcing yourself to be in an uncomfortable environment,
And remind yourself, "it's no big deal." Now, repeat the previous step, at least once a week. Get out of your comfort zone

31. If you can teach others what you have learned, you can not only remember it, but also understand it more deeply.

32.When you first learned to swim, your brain was full of false information about how to swim and how dangerous water is.
You may feel like you can't float and end up drowning.
You must trust your swimming coach. He knows more about swimming than you do, and your understanding of swimming is wrong.

33. Have you ever been asked a very simple question, but you are shocked to find that you can't answer it clearly.

You start by saying, "well, obviously..." and then there's only "Oh...".
This happens to me all the time. We think we have a thorough understanding of the topic,
In fact, we only have superficial knowledge.
This is the value of preaching and teaching. In your knowledge set, there is always some knowledge that you don't understand thoroughly enough to explain to others,
The process of "teaching" can force you to face this part.
As humans, our brains are good at pattern recognition. We can recognize patterns,
And apply these fixed models to solve many problems without "knowing what it is" and "knowing why it is"

To teach, you have to teach yourself first. Why is preaching an effective learning method

34.Most of the short boards of knowledge, you can only vaguely perceive.
For what you don't know, it's difficult for you to realize it clearly, and it's easy to ignore it.
A short board of knowledge will hinder your progress. One of the best ways to accurately identify them is to see what work you spend a lot of time on,
Or repeat work all the time.
Usually, you will find that your lack of knowledge slows down your work and requires a lot of extra time to complete the task.
Due to incomplete understanding, you can only grope forward.
35.I found that the best teaching method is to observe problems from a humble perspective and interpret problems in an authoritative tone.
I mean, when you teach others, you don't have to be smarter and more knowledgeable than your students, but be confident and believe in what you say.
No one wants to learn from a person who has no confidence in what he says, and no one wants to be regarded as stupid in the process of learning.

36. Our thinking mode is like this: take some time to go through all the things in our mind before we can reach the peak of thinking to complete the task.

You can think of this process as the acceleration process of a car driving on a highway.
The car needs to change several gears before entering high speed.
If you always start and stop, your overall speed will be very slow.

Perception: frequent task switching will reduce efficiency. Do one thing before doing another

37.At the end of 25 minutes, set a 5-minute timer and take a break.
This is the so-called "tomato clock".
After every four tomato clocks, you need to rest for a while, usually 15 minutes.
38.By setting quotas for my fitness program, I succeeded from the beginning.
I set myself to run three times a week and lift weights three times a week. I'm determined to meet these limits every week.
A slow but steady pace of work is better than a fast but short of persistence and persistence.

39. Some common time killers watch TV.
Social media.
News website.
Unnecessary meetings.
Play video games (especially online games).
Coffee break at work.

Carefully track your time spending.
Get accurate numbers and know how you spend every hour of your day.
Look at the data and find out your biggest 2~3 A time killer.
40.The more organized your daily life is, the more you can control your life.
Think about it. If you keep reacting to the outside world,
If you always deal with things passively when they happen instead of planning actively,
Then the surrounding environment will control your life, not yourself.
41.Force yourself to hold on long enough so that new habits replace old ones.
As long as you can stick to the new habit long enough, the new habit will eventually become very relaxed and spontaneous.

42. I'll talk about a productivity tip that can help you overcome procrastination: break down tasks. By breaking down big tasks into small ones, you will find yourself more motivated to complete them and move more steadily towards your goals.

No matter how difficult a programming problem is, it can always be broken down into smaller units.
If you want to write a difficult algorithm, before you dive in and write code,
It will be more helpful to decompose this problem into small modules that can be solved independently in turn.
No matter how large and complex an application is, it can be broken down into lines of code.
The complexity of a single line of code will never exceed the understanding and coding level of any programmer,
So if you are willing to break down the problem small enough, you can write any application with the ability to write a single line of code.
43.I've never met anyone who really enjoys hard work. Many people will say they enjoy working hard,
In fact, most of us enjoy the moment when we have just started or are about to finish our work. Basically no one wants to do hard work.
44.The truth of the matter is that if we want to really see the results of our actions, we must work voluntarily and hard.
If you really want to be productive, you have to learn to work smart and hard.
Intelligence alone is not enough. A certain amount of wit is necessary,
However, to achieve real success, a certain amount of perseverance is also necessary in the face of setbacks.
45.When I first started blogging, I was very excited.
I am passionate about this opportunity to express myself.
Over time, however, it became a chore.
If I hadn't learned to persevere and managed to cope with this tedious task, I wouldn't have seen the benefits of my actions.
46.However, this way of thinking is problematic.
The problem is that if one of your partners is willing to stick to one thing for longer, he will eventually surpass you.
At first, you may be ahead of them.
At first, your passion makes you burst out temporarily, but those who are willing to put in long efforts and stick to boring work in order to complete the work,
Will eventually surpass you and be far ahead.
Running is more about who has longer endurance than who has more power.
47.Success brings more success. The more successful you are, the easier it is to succeed. However, the process of climbing the first mountain is long and difficult.

48. Any action is often better than no action, especially when you have been stuck in an unpleasant situation for a long time. If this is a mistake, at least you have learned something. In this way, it is no longer a mistake. If you still choose to stagnate, you won't learn anything—— Eckhardt Tolley, The Power of Now

49.Few people will regret taking action based on the best knowledge they have, but many will regret not taking action.
They miss opportunities because they are too shy, cautious or hesitant, which makes them stagnate and do nothing.
50.A clear example of an asset is the stock you hold that pays a quarterly dividend.
Holding a stock doesn't cost you a penny, but as long as you keep holding it, it will bring you income every three months.
The price of the stock itself may rise or fall, but according to my definition, as long as it can bring dividends, it is an asset.
Credit card arrears are standard liabilities. Credit card arrears won't do you any good.
Credit card debt will only cost you money, because you have to pay interest for the credit card debt every month.
If you can get rid of your credit card debt, there is no doubt that your financial situation will be better.

Distinguish between liabilities and assets

51. Fitness is not only one of the key elements of maintaining a healthy body, but also the basis of flexible and creative mental activities—— John Kennedy

52.I came up with an idea. I set a small goal of losing 5 pounds every two weeks.
Although the overall goal is to lose 90 pounds, I am no longer worried;
Instead, I only focus on two weeks at a time. As long as I stand on the scale and show that I'm five pounds lighter than I was two weeks ago, that's my goal.
It took me a lot of "two weeks" and I really lost 90 pounds, even a little more
. In this process, I have never lost my goal once
,The key is to break down your big goal into several smaller milestones
,The combination of these milestones marked the way to success for me.
53.Try to minimize the choices in your life by planning ahead.
If you know exactly what you want to eat and do every day, you are less likely to make bad decisions and don't rely too much on motivation.
54.When your motivation disappears, replace motivation with principles.
Whenever I'm exhausted and don't want to run again, I remind myself with my highly respected principle of "starting and ending well".
Create a set of maxims for your life and keep them in difficult times. Life motto.

begin well and end well.
Winners never give up, and quitters never succeed.
No pains, no gains.
Time is short. If you want to do something in your life, do it now.
Everything will pass.
Sticking to the end is victory.

55.Running is a natural remedy for mild depression and can make you feel better about yourself.
If you've ever heard of the word "running pleasure", you may know that running can boost your mood in a chemically altered way
. Usually I can't run enough distance to feel this effect - maybe that's why I don't like running.
Running has many other benefits, such as strengthening knees and other joints, improving bone mineral density, reducing the risk of cancer and prolonging life.
56.If you don't believe you can do it, you can hardly do anything.
It's amazing how much your mind affects your body and how much it affects your success.
"The idea that "you can do it if you believe it" can easily be quickly ignored, but it does have some truth.
At least, the opposite of this view is more reasonable: if you don't believe it, you won't succeed.

Faith determines thought, thought determines speech,
Words determine action,
Action determines habit,
Habit determines value,
Value determines destiny.
——Mahatma Gandhi

57.If you really want to set a good direction for your life and control it, you must learn how to use the power of your heart and mind.
Whether or not the "connection between mind and body" I discussed in this chapter can convince you,
At least you should understand that your mentality and beliefs will have a positive and negative impact on your life.

58. The view of positive thinking is supported by scientific evidence - positive thinking is not only optimistic in appearance, but also beneficial to health, prolong life and provide other benefits to your life. At the same time - and perhaps more importantly - in turn, negative thinking can have the opposite effect. Negative thinking can actually hurt you and prevent you from leading a successful life.
Learning mindfulness and meditation

59.In most cases, you can develop this habit by using any other habit——
By doing something firmly, continuously and consciously, until the subconscious mind takes control of the overall situation.
60.I admit I'm not a meditationist, but I still want to take some time to develop the habit of meditation.
Some arguments suggest that people who meditate regularly are more likely to experience positive emotions,
So you can also try meditation as a way to improve your positive thinking ability.
61.All work and no rest, Johnny Is a dull child.
This will obviously make him more negative and depressed. Personally, I can track the relationship between many of my negative emotions and my forgetting to rest.
I find it easier to stay positive when I take time off.
62.Capturing your thoughts and recording can help you understand what's going on in your mind and make you focus more on what you want to focus on.
Keep a thought diary for this week. Write down your thoughts whenever you have the opportunity, whether positive or negative.
Every day, record any meaningful things that happen on that day into a log, and create an entry for a fixed period of time every day.
Review your mind log. Are almost all positive thoughts or negative thoughts?
Where do negative thoughts come from?
Positive insights?
Try to control your thoughts while arousing as many positive thoughts as possible.
When something happens to you,
Take a moment to try to understand that not the whole universe is against you——
You're not alone in this. Force yourself to find a glimmer of dawn.
Don't just eliminate negative thoughts, but also replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

63. Those who cannot motivate themselves must be willing to mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents are—— Andrew Carnegie

64. It is likely that you have similar limitations, but you may never notice them - you may regard them as invariable and unchangeable facts - this is the way of life. you stupid? Are you lazy? Are you bad at math? Are you difficult to get along with? You have trouble concentrating? Or are you shy or introverted? Although all these personality traits may seem to belong to your DNA as much as your height or eye color, they are not. Those about your own physical characteristics cannot be changed, but many other self images of yourself are acquired, a realistic expression of self-image, and in many cases appear randomly.

Maybe when you were young, at a party,
You hide behind your parents and hear someone say, "little girl Johnny He is a shy boy. "
In fact, you might not be shy at all at that time,
But at that moment, your brain suddenly locked in this view and implanted it into your self-image.
Pretend you can succeed ".
The idea behind this is that if you do one thing over and over again and pretend you're the person you want to be,
You'll end up like that
65.At first, set a clear image of what you want to be.
Your brain has an amazing ability to find any goal in front of it.
You just need to imagine these goals,
Until the goal is clear enough for your brain to lead you to the path you need to go.
Set up an ideal image for you.
Firmly establish an image in your mind - "this is the image I want to be, nothing can stop me".

Once you have this image in your mind,
The next task is to start executing the "as if" mode.
"As if "you have become the person you want to become.
No matter what you say, behave or dress up, brush your teeth like the person you want to be, or even like the person you want to be.
Don't pay too much attention to the reality and how others talk about your "change";
Instead, pretend that you have achieved the goal you want, and your new behavior is only a natural extension of this new personality.
You have to give yourself a lot of positive affirmation, which will plant the seeds of your new thinking mode in the depths of your subconscious mind.
It turns out that the positive is definitely not nonsense, and your brain will really start to believe what you tell it many times.

66. Recommended books:
The War of Art
The weakness of human nature
The power of habit
Thinking and getting rich
Psychological control methods
"Positive thinking is power," Atlas shrugs
Code encyclopedia, code neatness, Head First design pattern

67. Fall seven times and get up eight times—— Japanese Proverb
But when you face an opportunity to speak on stage or learn a new programming language, it doesn't make sense to be afraid of failure. In this case, even failure won't hurt you substantially.

68. All we have learned is to look at failure from a negative perspective. When I went to school, I got an F in my homework, which was regarded as a setback. No one teaches you to see this failure as a learning experience that will bring you closer and closer to your goals. Instead, you will be told that the whole thing is negative. Real life is not like that. I'm not saying that you shouldn't study for the exam, nor that you must try to get an F in order to gain learning experience and shape your personality. What I want to say is that failure is usually a necessary milestone in real life, which can lead us closer and closer to success.

68.Knowing that others can learn, I can also learn, so I continue to insist.
After hundreds or thousands of times of losing the ball, I finally succeeded.
Over time, my brain made minor corrections, and finally I learned juggling in the experience of failure again and again.
I can't control the process. All I need to do is keep trying - don't be afraid to try first.

69. The beginning of life is part of accepting failure. You must understand that in life, you have to face many failures, many of which are inevitable. Nothing can be perfect for the first time. You will make mistakes

70.It doesn't matter if you fail. It doesn't matter to make mistakes
 You can try to avoid making mistakes, but don't pay for missed opportunities for fear of hurting your self-esteem.
Once you realize that failure is a good thing,
Failure does not define your value, but your attitude towards failure can explain your value, and you will really learn to be fearless about failure
 Finally, I would like to suggest that you expose yourself to failure.
Do things that make you uncomfortable.
We discussed earlier in this book that don't be afraid to look like a fool. I'll say the same thing about failure.
In fact, these two views are closely linked. go
 Go out and purposefully put yourself in a dilemma that will inevitably lead to some kind of failure.
But the key is not to give up - let failure light the way to success.
Go through as many failures as possible. Fear of failure itself will make you lose the ability to overcome difficulties.

My reading comprehension:

  • It has practical significance. Watching a little every day and then practicing can still improve life
    Personally, I think it's a reference book full of dry goods
  • For example, there are some good views and specific implementation methods in improving personal work efficiency, personal marketing, physical health, interpersonal relations, financial management and mentality adjustment.
  • Some of the ideas that touch me in the book are pretending that you can succeed, don't be afraid of failure, developing habits, ten step learning method and tomato clock method.
  • Then, at present, I also insist on exercising according to the sports quota. It's easier to insist on a small goal. I've insisted on it for a month. I'm in good condition and lost 4 kg
  • The application of tomato clock method makes me less tired when I study. I used to feel eye fatigue
  • The mentality is not so afraid of failure

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