Second round of JetBrains: another three months for free family barrels

Shared yesterday How to obtain the exchange code of authentic family buckets by participating in the decryption task of JetBrains . JetBrains continued its second mission on Twitter this morning:

Now, let's continue to participate in this together, and live for our authentic JetBrains family!

Clue 1: Twitter

The first clue is relatively easy. It's easy to find that the words in Twitter's launch string are inverted!

So, let's write a small program to deal with it:

public void jetbrains() {
    String str = ".spleh A+lrtC/dmC .thgis fo tuo si ti semitemos ,etihw si txet nehw sa drah kooL .tseretni wohs dluohs uoy ecalp a si ,dessecorp si xat hctuD erehw esac ehT .sedih tseuq fo txen eht erehw si ,deificeps era segaugnal cificeps-niamod tcudorp ehT" ;
    String[] split = str.split(" ");
    String result = "";
    for (int i =0;i < split.length;i++) {
        result += new StringBuffer(split[i]).reverse() + " ";

Get the following:

helps. Cmd/Ctrl+A sight. of out is it sometimes white, is text when as hard Look interest. show should you place a is processed, is tax Dutch where case The hides. quest of next the where is specified, are languages domain-specific product The 

It seems that it's not right. The sentence is opposite! Change the above algorithm:

public void jetbrains() {
    String str = ".spleh A+lrtC/dmC .thgis fo tuo si ti semitemos ,etihw si txet nehw sa drah kooL .tseretni wohs dluohs uoy ecalp a si ,dessecorp si xat hctuD erehw esac ehT .sedih tseuq fo txen eht erehw si ,deificeps era segaugnal cificeps-niamod tcudorp ehT" ;
    String[] split = str.split(" ");
    String result = "";
    for (int i = 0;i < split.length;i++) {
        result += new StringBuffer(split[split.length - 1 - i]).reverse() + " ";

Get the complete sentence as follows:

The product domain-specific languages are specified, is where the next of quest hides. The case where Dutch tax is processed, is a place you should show interest. Look hard as when text is white, sometimes it is out of sight. Cmd/Ctrl+A helps. 

Clue 2: the product domain specific languages

According to the tip of clue 1: Dutch tax is processed, search for it:

Find here, click Read MPS case study to enter the PDF below

Continue to think about another tip of clue one: you can't see the white background, you need help from Cmd/Ctrl+A!

We can see that there is something in the blank space. We can select and copy it:

This is our 20th year as a company,
we have shared numbers in our JetBrains
Annual report, sharing the section with
18,650 numbers will progress your quest.

Clue 3: 20th anniversary Report

According to the passage from clue 2, we found the 20th anniversary page of JetBrains:

Continue to find the number according to the clue 2: 18650. Direct search is not found, it seems to be to do what transformation, look at this page carefully.

It turns out that the numbers here add up to 18650. Click share to see the task description:

I have found the JetBrains Quest! Sometimes you just need to look closely at the Haskell language, Hello,World! in the hackathon lego brainstorms project (jetbrainsquest from @ JetBrains

The main idea is that you need to take a close look at Haskell's Hello World in the Hackathon LEGO brastorms project.

Clue 3: Hackathon LEGO brastorms project

Go to through the link in the clue prompt.

Search LEGO brastorms, and you can see the elements prompted before:

There is a paragraph of garbled code in the figure that we need to translate. Through the page review tool, we can get this paragraph of text:

d1D j00 kN0w J378r41n2 12 4lW4Y2 H1R1N9? ch3CK 0u7 73h K4r33r2 P493 4nD 533 1f 7H3r3 12 4 J08 F0r J00 0R 4 KW357 cH4LL3n93 70 90 fUr7h3r @ l3457.

I t took a long time to read this card. Later, I read it on the Internet and said that NIMA is an English version of Martian. I found some corresponding relations, such as the shape and pronunciation of the characters are similar to the actual letters, such as: 1=i, 3=e, 0=O, 7=t This is what Lian mengdai guessed:

Did you know Jetbrains is always hiring? Check out the careers page and see if there is a job for you or for quest challenge to go further at least.

They've been recruiting, and there's a job waiting for you to take on the challenge.

Clue 4: challenges of recruitment page

According to the above clue, go straight to:

Search "re quest" to see the position:

Click enter position introduction to find the key guidance:

It tells us to go to the page for game developers. At the same time, remember the way you cheated in Konami game before. Try cheating on this page!

I haven't found the game developer page for a long time, so I can only go to Google to search for a wave and get this address:

Cool page! Here's how to cheat in Konami game!

There is a history here, and now many young people may not know it. Konami's previous games have a classic way of cheating: up, down, around BA. This familiar operation, once accompanied my childhood. Mr. Hashimoto Hejiu, the author of the script, died on the night of February 25, 2020, but his script and our memories will last forever!

After entering the script, you will enter a game of playing bricks:

Eliminate all the bricks and you will see the final result of this challenge!

This time, DD will not let go of the final result! Readers are strongly recommended to play this interesting decryption game from the beginning of the clue! Experience the sense of achievement of thinking and solving problems! Last three months for your authentic JetBrains family!

Put on my screenshot this time. It works! Still leave a message all the time to say invalid, rubbish, suggest to try again.

Cheat to get results directly

Still recommend yourself to play. If you are impatient, please get it from the following:

  1. Pay attention to official account: program ape DD
  2. Reply key words: jetbrains the second round, get the address and Code directly!
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