Spring Boot @Scheduled twice

When using spring cloud[Dalston.SR1] version to develop timing job, it is found that the job has been executed twice;
In the following log, it is found that a job is executed by two workers (task-scheduler-1 and task-scheduler-2) in a task scheduler pool, which is strange;

2018-02-23 14:28:30.001 [task-scheduler-2] INFO  c.k.micro.cfca.scheduled.ContractSealApplyJob - ==Callback job==start==
2018-02-23 14:28:30.002 [task-scheduler-2] INFO  c.k.micro.cfca.scheduled.ContractSealApplyJob - ==Callback job==End==
2018-02-23 14:28:30.003 [task-scheduler-1] INFO  c.k.micro.cfca.scheduled.ContractSealApplyJob - ==Callback job==start==
2018-02-23 14:28:30.003 [task-scheduler-1] INFO  c.k.micro.cfca.scheduled.ContractSealApplyJob - ==Callback job==End==

log is added to the constructor to confirm that the class is loaded only once;

Example code:

public class ContractSealApplyJob{

	private String value1;

     * Make callback job
    @Scheduled(cron = "${0/30 * * * * *}")//Every 30 seconds
    public void doCallBack(){
		logger.info("==Callback job==start==");
		logger.info("==Callback job==End==");

It is found that the @ RefreshScope annotation in spring cloud config causes it; the correct usage is to put the configuration item into a Config class; then inject it into the Job. @The class annotated by RefreshScope will regenerate a new instance after refreshing at runtime; however, the above Job is not re instantiated (not refreshed), but put the Job into the pool twice.

 * Convenience annotation to put a <code>@Bean</code> definition in
 * {@link org.springframework.cloud.context.scope.refresh.RefreshScope refresh scope}.
 * Beans annotated this way can be refreshed at runtime and any components that are using
 * them will get a new instance on the next method call, fully initialized and injected
 * with all dependencies.
 * @author Dave Syer
@Target({ ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD })
public @interface RefreshScope {
	 * @see Scope#proxyMode()
	ScopedProxyMode proxyMode() default ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS;



@There are other pits for RefreshScope, see http://www.cnblogs.com/yjmyzz/p/8085530.html for details

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