This oil monkey script may be helpful for your wechat typesetting

One partner typesetting Plus, vip free

Function one

The template of one partner can be directly inserted into the wechat public platform without opening vip

Function 2

Yiban Template Market Templates can be copied directly

The following is the thinking of recording the development of this oil monkey script


I registered official account official account of WeChat JS, which is a front line engineer who has been advanced. I have also started to publish some articles. During this process, I found that my WeChat article layout was not good for other public numbers. This is a face looking era. The value of the face is very important, so does the official account. In addition to making the content itself informative, useful and interesting, we also need to provide users with a high-value typesetting. So, how to make a good-looking wechat article?

Tool exploration

Then I searched wechat typesetting tools. There are a lot of typesetting tools on the website

1. One partner

Usage: directly go to the website to download the plug-in and install it in your usual browser. Usually you can login to the official account on the browser and use it in the background. The official account is opened after loading.

2. Art Editor Assistant

Usage: directly go to the website to download the plug-in and install it in your usual browser. Usually you can login to the official account on the browser and use it in the background. The official account is opened after loading.

Then take these two as examples to study their implementation process

Wechat rich text editor

Through the wechat console, we can see that the rich text editor used by wechat is ueditor , we can modify html directly on the console. After the modification, we can preview it. From this, we can know that we can use html to typeset articles, but we can't use css. We must use inline style

Quick insert implementation

Next, take Yiban wechat editor plug-in as an example to study its implementation;
When you click it, you can directly insert it into the editor. Now that you know that ueeditor is used, we can go to the official website to find the api to see if there is any relevant api?

We can pass Official website Find a way to insert html

Insert html content at the current cursor position

ue.execCommand('inserthtml', '<span>hello!</span>');

VIP free

Of course, not all of them are free. Many templates need to open vip

Click on these VIP templates, and there will be a pop-up window for you to open VIP.

Can this small vip icon be difficult for our front-end engineers? A JS script is done

$(function() {
        setTimeout(() => {
            const style = document.createElement('style');
            const heads = document.querySelector('head');
            style.setAttribute('type', 'text/css');
            style.innerHTML = `.buy-vip-dialog-v3{display:none !important;}.mpa-dialog-parent-no-scroll {
      overflow: auto !important;
        }, 1000);

        .off('click', '.material-item .cover')
        .on('click', '.material-item .cover', e => {
            const html = $(
            window.UE.getEditor('js_editor').execCommand('insertHTML', html);

setTimeout is to insert a style at the end of the script and hide the pop-up window

Template market direct copy

Use the clipboard api event clipboardData. SetData () is an api supported by modern browsers

Simple example

document.addEventListener('copy', function(e){
  e.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', 'foo');
  e.preventDefault(); // Block browser default events

Through the above code, you can use JavaScript to modify the content of the clipboard. It should be noted that the browser default event is blocked

document.getElementById("copyBtn").onclick = function() {

Then you need to trigger replication

Final code

    .off('click', '.copy')
    .on('click', '.copy', function (e) {
        const text = $(this).parents('.style-waterfall-inner').find('.detail').html()
        // Replication trigger
        document.addEventListener('copy', function copyCall(e) {
            e.clipboardData.setData('text/html', text);
            e.clipboardData.setData('text/plain', text);
            document.removeEventListener('copy', copyCall);
        alert('Copy successful');

Development summary

Some students will think that the development of this tool is quite simple and only needs a few lines of code.

This is not the case. It took me at least two days to develop this script.

  1. Technical research, wechat rich text editor insertion API
  2. Technical research, cutting board replication API.

transpositional consideration

One of the problems has been stuck for a long time. When I click, I need to block the pop-up of one companion plug-in. I consider from the aspect of blocking browser events:

Use event Stopimmediatepropagation () method, which can be used to stop bubbling and prevent the handler on the current element from running. After using this method, other handlers will not be executed.

One companion plug-in is implemented by react, and then go to see the synthetic events of react. Coupled with debugging, it takes a long time here. Think from another angle and solve it at once from the perspective of hidden pop-up window.

Development still needs to think from a few different angles. A different angle may lead to a bright future.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope this article will be helpful to you. You can also refer to my previous articles or exchange your ideas and experiences in the comment area. Welcome to explore the front end together.

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