Dynamic pointer clock: use pyqt5 to make pointer clock to display real-time time time

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At the end of the paper, a complete source code implementation process is attached

Want to realize such a function, and then pyqt5 there is no ready-made component to use, so I think it can only be realized by drawing. When it comes to drawing, the turtle framework is undoubtedly the most common choice, but it can also be implemented through pyqt5's QPainter component. And the final effect is very beautiful.

Implementation idea: draw the clock chart by using pyqt5's QPainter component, and finally constantly change the display position of the current time on the chart through the timer. In this way, the process of a pointer clock moving constantly is finally realized.

Like the previous UI applications, we still use these three UI related component libraries.

from PyQt5.QtCore import *
from PyQt5.QtGui import *
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import *

This time, a new mathematical calculation library is used because it involves the relevant parts of data calculation.

from math import *

Application operation related modules

import sys

The main implementation process of dynamic clock is listed below. Friends in need can study it by themselves.

class PointerClock(QWidget):
    def __init__(self):
        self.setWindowTitle("Dynamic pointer clock official account:[Python concentration camp]")
        self.timer = QTimer()
        # Set window timer

    def paintEvent(self, event):
        Refresh pointer image in real time
        :param event:
        '''Define the coordinate points of hour, minute and second respectively'''
        QPoint(int x, int y);Create coordinate points, x,y They represent abscissa and ordinate respectively
        hour_point = [QPoint(7, 8), QPoint(-7, 8), QPoint(0, -30)]
        min_point = [QPoint(7, 8), QPoint(-7, 8), QPoint(0, -65)]
        secn_point = [QPoint(7, 8), QPoint(-7, 8), QPoint(0, -80)]

        '''Define three colors, which are used to set the colors of the three pointers later'''
        hour_color = QColor(182, 98, 0, 182)
        min_color = QColor(0, 130, 130, 155)
        sec_color = QColor(0, 155, 227, 155)

        '''obtain QWidget The minimum value of the width and length of the object'''
        min_size = min(self.width(), self.height())

        painter = QPainter(self)  # Create coordinate system image drawing objects

        # Take the center position of the QWidget object as the center coordinate point of the drawing
        painter.translate(self.width() / 2, self.height() / 2)

        # Scale dimensions
        painter.scale(int(min_size / 200), int(min_size / 200))

        # Save status

        '''Draw the time scale of the clock dial'''

        for a in range(0, 60):
            if (a % 5) != 0:
                # Draw a tick mark every 1 / 60 as the minute tick mark
                painter.drawLine(92, 0, 96, 0)
                # Draw a tick mark every 5 / 60 as an hour tick mark
                painter.drawLine(88, 0, 96, 0)  # Draw hour tick marks
            # Rotate 6 degrees per minute
            painter.rotate(360 / 60)
        # Restore state

        '''Draw the number on the clock dial'''
        # Save status
        # Get font object
        font = painter.font()
        # Set bold
        # Get font size
        font_size = font.pointSize()
        # Set the previously defined color
        hour_num = 0
        radius = 100
        for i in range(0, 12):
            # According to the 12 hour system, draw an hour number every three hours, which needs to be traversed 4 times
            hour_num = i + 3  # According to the coordinate system of QT qpinter, the scale line of 3 hours corresponds to 0 degree of the coordinate axis
            if hour_num > 12:
                hour_num = hour_num - 12
            # Calculate the position of x and y to write the hour number according to the font size
            x = radius * 0.8 * cos(i * 30 * pi / 180.0) - font_size
            y = radius * 0.8 * sin(i * 30 * pi / 180.0) - font_size / 2.0
            width = font_size * 2
            height = font_size
            painter.drawText(QRectF(x, y, width, height), Qt.AlignCenter, str(hour_num))
        # Restore state

        '''Draw the hour, minute and second pointers of the clock dial'''

        # Get current time
        time = QTime.currentTime()

        # Draw hour pointer
        # Cancel contour
        # Sets the color of the hour pointer
        # The hour pointer rotates counterclockwise
        painter.rotate(30 * (time.hour() + time.minute() / 60))
        # Draw clock pointer
        # Restore state

        # Draw minute pointer
        # Cancel contour
        # Sets the color of the minute pointer
        # The minute pointer rotates counterclockwise
        painter.rotate(6 * (time.minute() + time.second() / 60))
        # Draw minute pointer
        # Restore state

        # Draw second pointer
        # Cancel contour
        # Set second hand color
        # The second pointer rotates counterclockwise
        painter.rotate(6 * time.second())
        # Draw second pointer
        # Restore state

Finally, start the whole App directly through the main() function.

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)
    form = PointerClock()

The official account is answered in the public address to get the complete source code.

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